Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick: Date Night!

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Still apparently going strong as a real-life couple, Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr held hands as they left Bardot in Hollywood on Saturday evening.

The sexy pair, whose characters Chuck and Vanessa had only the briefest of flings on the series we love, hit up Belmont Cafe in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

Here's Jessica Szohr showing off her figure in a snug dress, while Ed Westwick made sure to rock a low-cut v-neck t-shirt to display his impressive chest hair ...

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Pic

Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick dating: Hot or not?

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i think they are a really great couple.
i read in some of the websites that people think that they are a bad couple but i totally disagree ed is hot and jessica is hot aswell they go really well toghther !!!!


i've fought them way too long , it's time i admit that ed and jessica look more than good together . except for the shoes she's wearing WTF !! ed looks hot !!

Chace crawford is a lesbian

Ed = doughboy
Jess = smokin hot


Y'know, I feel no need to vote on their relationship. I think it's great that they're happy together. I would appreciate not having pics of them on the front page of the site ALL the time, because it gives me CV flashbacks which really frankly made me quit watching the show for most of the remainder of the season. Plus the continual focus on this couple seems a bit much, and makes me feel like they're gearing up for CV part 2 since we were inundated with Ed/Jess pics before the first horrible happening of CV.


AHhhh. ED!
lmao, he is sooo fine it's killing me.
Since it's a subject already I might aswell add that I am not a big fan of chest hair either, but on some men it works (not only Ed). Some guys are like "pretty and prettier" type. Let's say Chace or Zac Efron (both are ofc hot, but in a different way)and some are manly type, for example Ed. And Ed freaking rocks the look! Jess really has had some good influence on him as said. He looks like manly glamorous or smth, not just manly.
And Jess is so beautiful.
I'm so jealous. I want to be as gorgeous as Jess and have a bf so hot as Ed. So basically I wanna be Jess :D lmaaoo


Ed is so hot but better without chest hair!!


YESS Ed Westwick got HOT again!!
thats all I have 2 say on the matter


Hot in RL, don't go there on the show. :)


He's hot, on and off screem. I can't wait for Wuthering Heights (Ed's new film). Jessica is a beautiful girl. In real life, I think they're cute together, judging from photos. But as a Gossip Girl fan (and in REEL-life), I think Chuck and Blair are dynamite together. Such great chemistry. Ed and Leighton should be offered movie roles together ... romantic comedies, musical, adventure-romance, etc. Chuck and Blair forever. :o) Vanessa....keep away!! Vanessa and Nate makes sense though. I like watching their easy rapport. Vanessa Archibald, anyone? Do you think Gossip Girl will come up with a musical episode? Totally modern and cool in the fabulous GG fashion, of course. Most of the cast can sing. :o)


I never really liked chest hair before, but Ed has changed my POV completely, :)). Just laughing at his self-made V-neck shirt, and her bra-less garb. God Jess, with all that money you've been earning, you can't possibly get a bra and some decent shoes, not to mention a decent hair weave??


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