Gossip Girl Fashion Watch: Leighton's Shorts

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This girl is always up to something - and always up on the latest fashion trends. In character as Blair Waldorf, a smiling Leighton Meester rocked a pair of high fashion Chloé shorts with delicate scalloped edging on the set of Gossip Girl.

What do you think? Do you love them?

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Her outfit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... (from season two, episode two) is verrry similar. BUT her hair is down, with long waves, so I think it makes it much better. Her hair here is SO unflattering, as it has been in many other season three sneak-peak pictures:[ Please, GG team. No more tight, pulled back hair!


The hair is terrible, I like the bow on the shorts but they are too puffy and the shirt doesn't make the outfit any better.


i love her outfit...


the shorts are absolute love!
but i agree, the hair, looks alittle overdone!
otherwise she looks fabulous as always haha!


the shorts are cute! but i agree,the top and the hair dont exactly scream "blair waldorf." the shorts would be better with a different top and her hair down, in my opinin :)


I know. I hope they start to dress her up like before. As for that tight looking bun, who would look good in that kind of hairstyle. Maybe this would translate differently on screen than it does on the photos. Maybe these are just bad picks of her. I just looked up other photos of her online where she was wearing that blue and white stripped looking dress. She actually looked good with the outfit, maybe they fitted the dress on her more snug. I think Leighton is a beautiful girl and its a shame that the dressing team is downplaying her looks like that.


So far, Blair's season three hair= NONONONONOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


Ew. These shorts are not ellegant at all, the top doesn't match with them and Leighton looks bad with that hair. Don't like her recent outfits.
At least it's good that Leight looks happy :]


what happen ,ELINE,you are right!!!!! back to season one please ,blair!!!!! this look is ugly,that hair makes her face so fat and round.That make up ,ewwwwwwwww....... blair looks like a man


I feel the same with Eline. Why are they dressing blair down. And as for leighton, I always felt she was naturally beautiful with or without makeup. But Lately I noticed that she has let herself go. She seems like she gain at least 5-10 pounds and has broken out on her face. She looks stressed out and I think is due to all the unwanted publicity she got from that tape. I just hope she goes back to being the cheerful girl that I remembered her from her pics and interviews. As for her wardrobe, I want them to put her back to the precise and overly stylish blair from season 1 and the beginning of season 2.

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