Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena and Nate?

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With Chair together at last (at least for the foreseeable future) and Derena kaput (at least for the foreseeable future) a lot of fans have been wondering if there is a chance of Serenate coupling up in the upcoming third season.

Is there? Would you want there to be?

Here's what TV Guide had to say about Serena and Nate in today's Q&A ...

Q: Are Gossip Girl's Serena and Nate going to hook up anytime soon?

A: Methinks someone is getting a bit stalkery with this question. At least initially, the answer is (still) no, as Serena and Nate will both be getting BIZ-AY with new love interests: S will be courted by a prince among men, while Nate will be busy wooing this lady.

In case you're wondering, JoAnna Garcia will be asking herself, "I got canceled for this?"


Serena and Nate's passionate past has some fans yearning for more.

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I would love to see Serenate and so is nearly everyone else. The CW Forums have many Threads with that and other gossip girl forums. The most fans want to have Serenate now. This would give Nate also a stronger character. I don't think this new relationship will last, since this girl's only playing a guest role.




wow clearly serenate have a massive fanbase, i actually think they have more fans than dan/serena :o so hell put them together. as long as chair are together i'm happy, might as well create a new GORGEOUS couple and put the cherry on top right?


I want Serenate and Chair for the third season! :(
I love them so much and I think that blake & chace have an amazing chemistry.
They could be a gorgeous couple, FTW!


definately not keen on serena and nate no chemistry and would just be silly nate has been with too many of the girls


Serena and Nate maybe in season 4 or 5. It would be strange to just make them hook up out of nowhere. I have a feeling that Dan and Blair will hook up in the third season. They last couple to pair up...it's bound to happen.


What, another prince for Serena? I don't care if there's a prince though. A Dan-Serena reunion is not happening soon. Nate's new girl is not going to last (well, she's up for three or four episodes so I assumed things will not be going well for them). So, I still have hopes for Serena and Nate! Look how cute they'll be together! Lol.


SERENATE FTW! :DD And Eleysia, I don't think it would be some sort of filler since S&N had a past. Just bringing them back is all. And c'mon who the hell cares of what Blair thinks? She has Chuck, for Pete's sake! She tried so hard, did things of all sorts just to make him admit his love for her. And then she just resents Serena for finally getting together with Nate? Wth is that? She's just so damn selfish. That's her problem. Like what others said, Nate's love for S is just so effortless. He didn't need to learn (be forced) to love her because he "naturally" does. I think that's sweet and how things are supposed to be. I'm crossing my fingers for more Serenate in Season 3!


I really dont care serena and nate together become boring,i am dying for them ,their beauty is enough.
NATE ,please chases SERENA,GO GO GO


if serena and nate end up together, it'd be boring. snoozefest, i'm telling you. *i'm biased, of course. i like chuck and blair together, so much, but nate-blair is so close. i'd love to think that whatever happens, nate will still have feelings for blair. that he's the next guy for blair if it weren't for chuck.

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