Grey's Anatomy Funeral Scene Raises Questions, Emotions

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As the rare, outdoor behind-the-scenes photos from the set proved without a doubt this week, the cast of Grey's Anatomy is giving George O'Malley his official sayonara.

We knew it was coming, but some are having a hard time coming to grips with the prospect of no more O'Malley. He was not just an original character, but a fan favorite.

Spotted on the set were Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie Stevens, George's best friend, and a very pregnant Ellen Pompeo, who plays the title character, Meredith Grey.

A few of the men were also back to work: Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev, and Patrick Dempsey, who plays Derek Shepherd. Others may have been there, too.


The demise of George O'Malley was not scripted this way initially.

It turns out that Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes originally had a different opening sequence planned for the 6th season of Grey's Anatomy.

A flashback was supposed to take viewers to the hours when George was missing, from when he left the hospital to when he returned later on as a disfigured John Doe.

However, Knight reportedly declined to make a brief cameo and instead of seeing George's split-second decision to save the passerby's life that cost him his own, viewers will just have to watch Shonda Rhimes' alternative idea, the funeral scene.

Which brings us to the characters and George's coffin.

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Characters EVERY TV show, they cycle. Besides, George DID have a storyline up through half of season 5. First off, needing to pass the intern exam, and secondly, there was wrapping up Lexie's feelings for him. You have to consider the other storylines that are going on at the same time. Nobody got as much screen time as Izzie did, and for obvious reasons. In season four, the focus was to get Meredith where she needed to be in order to finaly get to be the person that she dreamed of being. We don't know what would have happened if TR hadn't walked out on the show. Isn't it possible that he might have been introduced with an amazing storyline about the aftermath of the accident? We'll never know what the original intention was.


i was really shock with this episode,,george was hit by a bus,,!! and his friend wasn't able to identify him,not until he mere, got george signal of 007..:(


george is dead i will not watch gery any more


Toast to the century - he was one hell of a man
but the man who potrayed him is an a**! Although I completely realize that he is his own person and that Grey's Anatomy is in fact like any other beloved television show from the past - it wont last forever. He had an amazing 5 Season run, and he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace George O'Malley
Season One - Season 5


That's the thing. The whole show used to be good but since season 3, George (and Gizzie) have been the only good things on the show. Shonda ruined all the other characters. From what I hear, we will be getting tons of new interns this season and we will get to see George's organs being taken away from his body in all the gory details in the premiere. I don't call this good stories. Then I hated season 5. The show doesn't have any heart without George and the fab 5.


oh my godness its not real life does it actually matter in the grand scheme of things who stays in the show and who doesnt so long as what continues to happen in the show is good!!


That's because Shonda is completely to blame. Given Patrick's recent interview about his frustrations with the post-it wedding and his lack of airtime, she should be careful more angry stars don't walk out. With TR, she has wanted him out since Isiah but with PD and others, she actually wants them to stay. Her recent interview about Chyler replacing Meredith tell me Ellen is the next one at risk. Most fans blame Shonda and see TR as the victim because she is the bad guy and he is the victim. TR stayed in the show after she didn't stand up for him after Isiahgate. That shows he is not the kind of actor to walk out. If he did, things were really that awful for him and she is largely to blame for that.


Aargh it cut off. I mean I can't believe we didn't see him all year and now he's dead. TR walked out because Shonda lied to him all the time, was distant with him after the IW incident and erased his character for two whole seasons. She made him pay the minute IW was fired. You could see George just ceasing to matter at all. Her made that decision because she did make his life hell. It's no coincidence this happened the moment IW was fired. I don't see how you can't see that. TR says it himself and the majority of people have noticed George vanished when IW left. He's an adult yeah, but can you honestly say the way your boss treats you has no incidence. Can you honestly say if she had treated him with respect, had been honest with him and hadn't totally wasted him and acted like the extras were more important than George, TR would have left? No he would have stayed. He says so himself. Ellen and Patrick both said that during the strike, they had a personal meeting with Shonda where they aired all her complaints to her. They said so themselves in their interviews. I read that too by them. TR tries to go to her and she's too busy. That says it all. He said she grew distant with him after the IW thing. He said George started to get crappy or non-existent writing back then. He didn't have to say it. We all saw it.
Yes I do believe she blamed him for IW's firing and has set out since this day to make things so bad for him, he would leave. Many sources have said she did just that on purpose and many fans believe it too. Shonda is hated because she is a vindictive witch who gets revenge on people when they do one thing that annoys her and who is known to play head games with them. Shonda is hated because she tells the fans to shut the hell up and to get over things. Shonda is hated because she pretended after the finale and up until a few days before George's death was confirmed to not know if she was going to kill him when she said later she had decided to kill him back in December. She's a liar, and she's the whole cause TR left. Yes she could have send George to the army. What difference did it make that TR didn't want to come back. The other characters could have from time to time fill us in on George and maybe we could have learned he saved many lives, found love and maybe got to be a fatheré Just knowing our sweet George had succeeded after all the pain that Shonda put him through over the last five eyars would have been worth it. We didn't need for TR to come back to be happy George was happy somewhere. The real George fans wanted him to be happy more than anything and if you were a real George fan, you would have wanted it too, TR in the role or not. TR walked away from million because of what Shonda put him through. I respect him so much for not standing up to all the abuse she reaped his way. I'll always hate her for it. I hate her so much that I was going to watch defying gravity but when I saw producers from Grey on it, I decided not to watch. I will never watch anything Shonda does against. She's a homophobe, a racist (she sided against TR because he is white), a liar, a manipulator and a vindictive witch. TR is the classiest sweetest person in the world. We know the story. TR told us, and Shonda did with her lame excuses in EW. She said she chose to erase him, she chose not to tell him why and she didn't fight at all to make him change his mind. That's the story.


George has always been my favorite. I can't believe we didn


Why do I defend Shonda? Simple: It wasn't her complete fault but people here are determined to make it look like that. It takes two to dance tango and I find it unfair that all the blame is on her. TR walked out. Whether his reasons are valid or not (depends on your thoughts of him), he walked out. Obviously this is not something that you will all see since you're determined to make Shonda the bad guy. Chandra has way more heavyweight in her CV to be able to direct an episode. TR doesn't. Sorry but he doesn't. I'd also add PD and JPJr as for ability to direct an episode. The rest aren't ready for it. I swear that in the five years that I've seen this show, I've NEVER read that Shonda has private sessions with EP and PD. Maybe just a talk at random but seriously? And even if it's true, they are the lead actors. Hollywood also works with hierarchy. Sucks but it does. I honestly don't think that Shonda woke up and said "Wow, in what way can I make TR's life a living hell today?" Are you kidding me? TR is a grown man. He made his choice, he took his actions. Shonda did too. If not kill him then what? Make him go to the Army for George to return later? TR didn't want to go back for ONE more episode. I don't know if it would've been worse having George gone to war. Sane writer? Shonda is. KV is. As far as I'm concerned, Shonda isn't the only writer on the show... I am not looking for you to agree with me, why should you? But I don't think that it is fair that someone gets all the blame when it was a two way street. I think TR is a good person but I also believe that Shonda is and that she is being judged for something that we don't have all the story of. Sad.

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