Taylor Momsen Prefers Older Guys

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Taylor Momsen, Sweet 16? Not exactly.

Teenagers around the country tune in to Gossip Girl to see Taylor play Jenny Humphrey – a high school rebel with the obligatory, requisite teen angst.

But Momsen says she's hardly a typical 16-year-old in real life.

"I live a very adult life," the high school graduate (she got her diploma two years early!) tells Teen Vogue in its new September issue.

"What am I going to do, hang out with high school kids? I just can't relate to what they talk about – it all seems so petty to me."

That includes high school boys. Taylor Momsen, who claims to have been in "lots of relationships," says she could never date a guy who's also 16.

"Boys are so much less mature than girls as it is," the Gossip Girl actress says.

"I would eat a boy my age alive."

Taylor Momsen Teen Vogue Cover
Taylor Goes Punk

Instead, Momsen is eschewing the idea of a traditional college education, opting to take classes online, sing in her band, The Pretty Reckless, and act.

"I'm an artist; I'm not going to use trigonometry," she says. "For most people college is a place where you learn about yourself."

"I feel like I'm doing that already. I'm already independent."

But what about making new college friends?

"I have such trust complexes," Momsen admits. "I'm close to like, two people."

Still, all her insecurities fade away when she steps in front of a crowd to sing. Having spent her life in front of a camera, she's used to it, and doesn't mind if Gossip Girl fans don't "get" her rock star persona or her look.

"I'm pretty, but I'm not, like, a 'pretty girl,'" she says, adding that she modeled her new 'do on a Joan Jett photo. "I know people were a little, um, taken aback. But it wasn't me that changed – it was just that I decided to start being myself."

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FUCK !! she didnt even try to sound a little bit down to earth ... eww she is not even that pretty , she looks like a creepy 30 year old anorexic bitch !


i didn't really dislike taylor before,,,i mean i had heard the complaints about her, but never gave her enough thought to form much of an opinion...but this just makes her sound REALLY dislikeable. @addictedtogg: i agree, if you put her in a room with other people her age, sans make up, i don't think she'd stand out particularly much. the main thing that separates her is her hair (weird color). She doesn't have Blake's body/hair or Leighton's face/presence or Jessica's (as much as I hate Vanessa) eyes or hair. She just doesn't compare. Nothing personal to her, really, but it's fact.

Karina  bassdorf

LOL at this article its a joke. shes 16 and she says "i'll eat a boy my age alive" .. fair enough she's had to grow up a tad quicker than most but my god does this article make her sound seriuosly stuck up her own arse. I dont understand how she thinks shes got it all figured out when she hasn't even gone to college probably might not even go to university! not a good interview tbh.


I didnt need this interview to know what kind of idiot taylor momsen was...but it definitely helped in consolidating the dislike i have towards her and her character.


i'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to like her, I understand that she's grown up in the spotlight and that will obviously have a big affect on her life, but I personally find it insulting that she claims 'the high school kids' to be petty, I think you'd have to experience normal high school life to be valid to make that judgement, and she quite clearly hasn't.
and she goes on and on about how we shouldn't label and brand her as a 'wannabe rock-star' (cos let's face it, that's what she's turned/turning into to.) and yet she goes ahead and completely stereotypes other people her age.
I guess i can understand the whole older guy thing, i mean, its a scientific fact that girls mature quicker than boys, but trying to make it sound like it applies to her only is stupid.
I liked her character in S1, but to be honest, I never thought her as particularly pretty, if you took off her make up and put her in a crowd of girls her age, she just wouldn't stand out.

Blair cornelia archibald

I'm only a couple of months younger than her and this interview shows her to be way more immature than me and (a few of) my friends. She has no idea what the real world's like if she truly thinks all of this.


At least she tells the Truth and dosnt lie
I am A Taylor Fan and my god just cuz its da truth u all say she sounds like a snob
i absolutely hate guys my age their so immature and stupid i like the older ones too
im so siding on with her here cuz shes pretty n she knows it, she hates high skool guys their their immature pricks, she dosnt need college cuz shes a great actress and has a great band thats gonna be huge.
And just cuz she dosnt act her age dosnt mean shes a snob
im 13 n i would love to be 18 friggen quickly because having no freedom suks.
And she says shes independant like most teens love to be independant and free and i think thats what she most wants and why she acts this way.


i really do love taylor momsen
but what she said in this interview is just... not right for an interview that was being showed to the public


i used to think taylor was cool but now im starting to get the impression that shes really stuck up "it all seems so petty to me.... "
it seems to me that shes the one acting petty by saying the stuff about the "loads of" guys shes dated and eating guys her age up WTF? she might be pretty all she needs to do is scrape off the make-up and wear things her own age and the cover pic is really bad! and the funny thing is it sounds like i hate her when really i prefer her character on the show (to other characters)


this girl has alot moree growing up to do, and should watch what she says to a freaking published magazine! geez


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