Entourage Recap: "The Sorkin Notes"

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Last night's episode of Entourage returned to the breakdown of Andrew and Marlo's marriage, as Andrew is now forced to sleep on the couch in Ari's office. 

However, when Barbara discovers the experiment from the Valley running around the office in his pajamas, she threatens to fire him if he doesn't sign Aaron Sorkin that day.

Lloyd Wakes Up Andrew

Meanwhile, Vince meets with the security guy suggested by Ari, while Eric continues to juggle the two women in his life: Sloan and Ashley.  Find out how he did in our "The Sorkin Notes" recap.

Now for some of the best Entourage quotes from the episode.

Drama: Slaon is all powerful... she stops him from getting p***y and won't give him any | permalink
Drama: Is this guy Masad or what?
Turtle: Aren't all Israelis? | permalink
Marlo: Get back together? I'd f**k Hammas before I'd f**k you again! | permalink

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Entourage Quotes

Tell Drama he's on my to-do-list, right after inserting needles in my cock


What if I told you I had a 22 inch cock? Would that be something that you would be interested in?

Ari [to Bob]

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Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
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