Perrey Reeves is known to Entourage fans as Mrs. Ari. This is a photo of her from the beloved HBO series.
Constance Zimmer play Dana Gordon in Entourage.
Lloyd, Ari's homosexual and lovable assistant.
Entourage tied things up pretty well for Turtle and Drama. Their careers have never been hotter.
Ari and Mrs. Ari have come a long way on Entourage. They are seen here on the series finale.
Will you miss the boys of Entourage? They pose by the pool here.
How hilarious is Billy?!? This is a scene from the episode "The Big Bang."
Will Vince land the Vanity Fair cover? That's the topic addressed in this scene.

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Ari: Bobby? Flay? You're... dating a cook?
Mrs. Ari: He's a chef, Ari. And he's a businessman. And he's kind, and respectful and generous.
Ari: He's a red-headed fire crotch. He's a genetic mistake!

Entourage Music

  Song Artist
Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
Soul of a man Soul Of A Man Beck iTunes
Song Shutterbugg Big Boi iTunes