Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: More on George

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As we know, actor T.R. Knight doesn’t return for the September 24 Grey’s Anatomy season six premiere, but it appears his character, Dr. George O’Malley, will.

“Transplant doctors descend on Seattle Grace because it's revealed that George was a registered organ donor," according to a source on the Grey’s Anatomy set.

“His colleagues are still reeling from George's death and are fighting with transplant doctors to stop them from taking his lungs, liver, corneas and bone marrow."

"It's only when everyone hears what lives will be saved that George's friends start to get some perspective on his death,” says the source to Life & Style Weekly.

George's funeral scene is also said to take place early this season.

Who knows how reliable any of this actually is, but according to the source, all of the scenes with George O'Malley were shot using special effects and makeup.

"It's one of the goriest scenes they've ever done because you literally see each of these organs get pulled out of his body," says the supposed on-set insider.

Meredith and John Doe

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I've been holding back on commenting on this b/c I was hoping that TPTB would respond to this rumor, but since they haven't... I guess that it a good indication that it may be, in fact, true. If this rumor is true I have one question for Shonda: Why does it have to be graphic? Why do we have to see his organs harvested? It's our George! We love him. Hospitals and doctors do not force an organ donor patient's family to watch their organs harvested in the OR... there is a obvious reason for that. They loved that person. And we loved George. If this is going to be graphic, I will find that UNACCEPTABLE.


Shonda erase George because TR was the reason that IW left the show. It's not because he was friend with her but because she had to erase another character, more important to her, dr Burke.
And the lesbian couples storylines are exactly for not tell her that she is homophobic.


Yes let's.


I wasn't attacking them because they are George fans. I love George. I DID cry these past couple of heartwrenching finales. However .. I personally feel that some of the posts here went too far. So sue ME. I'm allowed to have an opinion here. Do you guys have 100% proof she's doing this because he's gay? She's writing a complete lesbian storyline for Callie and Arizona. I really think all of that has been taken out of context. I do not condone what Shonda has done; in fact, I'm really upset about the quality of the show since about the ending of the 3rd season into the 4th. I think after the Ferry thing the show got way too depressing for me at points. I missed the fun, light, joking way the show HAD been. No one has really any clue what the hell went on behind the scenes there. We don't KNOW why things happened the way they do, we just go by articles and spoilers and all of that. I'm not saying she didn't cut his character out because of his sexuality, but until it clearly comes out of her mouth, I can't say she did. Maybe TR misunderstood and saw the pattern come right after he came out and figured it went to that. I'm not standing up for Shonda or saying TR is a liar. Not one bit. I think everyone is misunderstanding what I said. I never said I hated George, or hated TR or hell, hated anyone on that show. I just felt SOME posts (not all) were just a little crazy for a character is all. I felt like some were a little too attached, saying they wouldn't ever watch the show again and such. I didn't say that everyone who posted here was melodramatic, and I honestly cannot believe I'm sitting here defending my actions. Everyone has opinions and I have mine. That's not a crime. You don't like what I said? More than fine, but don't tell me that what I say is wrong, because I could fire right back and say what you say is wrong, and that's not true, it isn't wrong, just YOUR OPINION. Let's just let this conversation die, and agree to disagree.


I hate when they talk against Katie too but I just tell myself they're jealous. I don't say a thing because I know Katie doesn't come here and read this. She's too busy, but the people you insulted are posters here and you hurt their feelings. You went after George fans, and most George fans love Izzie and Katie so you didn't even take out your frustrations on the right people. Yes, George's death has been heartbreaking to me. I cried when I saw the scenes. Sue me. You watch a character every week for 5 years, you get to love them especially a character as sweet and wonderful as George. People are not robots. We know those aren't real people, but we get to love them anyway. And like it was mentioned, the reason George is dying is because Shonda has been making TR Knight's life miserable. You know TR? Katie's very best friend in the world. The one she loves so much and the one she has been missing so much filming the next season. TR is a real person and if TR is right and she treated him like that because he came out of the closet, then we can't be melodramatic enough. It's human rights abuse, a violation of who he is as a person. If she had treated Sandra Oh like that because she was Asian or another actor because he is black, i'm sure nobody would think we are overdramatizing, but homophobia seems to be trivialized by some people.


I mention Katie because a lot of people have ripped her to shreds when she's mentioned. I, however, love her, and it makes me really mad when people hate her because she's opinionated and they constantly say she should shut up and that Izzie should be the one killed off. Do you think those posts are any different here? If those people can say what they want, why can't I? It's the same thing. There a lot of people that whine about Katie and no one tells them they're wrong, so that is why I brought it up. I'll miss TR too, but I just felt the melodramatic responses were a little too much for me, and so I said something. If I came across as too harsh, I'm sorry, but post after post it sounded like everyone was crying as they typed their words. It got a little annoying, per my opinion.


I don't get what Katie has to do with it either. Katie is my second favorite after TR, and Gizzie is my favorite couple. I'm not offended by what you said. I just think you shouldn't judge people for reacting in a way you don't understand. I'm devastated about George, and it will probably take me a long time to get over him dying. Don't worry. I do know George is not real, and TR is. I'm really glad he's happy. I'll still miss him.


I love George, fictional character or not. He is so sweet and amazingly kind. I love him and I don't want to see him be butchered. And yes it did affect me to see such a nice guy with his face all mashed up and in so much pain. I loved George and I have rooted for him since day 1. Shonda never gave him a break, and I have the right to be sad and angry about that. What does Katie have to do with any of this? Most TR fans love Katie. She is TR's best friend. So why attack TR and George fans who love Katie too? I don't get you.


You guys are allowed to have your opinions and I'm allowed to have mine. I've sat and read thousands of pointless bitching about whenever Katherine Heigl had an opinion, and I got sick of it, but let it go because it was YOUR opinion. Are you really gonna let what I say offend you? That's not my problem if you did.


Yes I get nightmares after horror movies and I know they aren't real either. In this context, it's worse because it's a character I love so much. Yes, I do love her. I never usually love fictional characters, but TR played George in such a real lovable way, I couldn't help love him.

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