Jenny Slate to Guest Star on Bored to Death

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Jenny Slate will be a new cast member on the 35th season of Saturday Night Live.

She'll also expand her actual acting resume in the near future, as the comedian will appear in two episode of Bored to Death, the HBO comedy that premieres Sunday night.

“I play Stella and I’m a major pothead, an Oberlin grad, and a very free spirit,” Slate said of her role on the new Jason Schwartzman series. “I decided she should be very young and sweet and sincere. They have a little romance in episodes 7 and 8 and there’s a little cliffhanger.”

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Bored to Death also stars Ted Danson and Zach Galifianaki. It looks DVR worthy, based on early previews, reviews and quotes.

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Bored to Death Quotes

Men face reality. Women don't. That why men need to drink.


I've always been intrigued by Stockholm Syndrome. Make me think of my childhood.