New Posters Revealed for Cougar Town, Modern Family

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This fall, ABC will attempt to revive the sitcom genre with a pair of promising new shows.

Courteney Cox anchors Cougar Town, which is based on a recently divorced mother and her attempt to re-enter the dating scene. It's created by Bill Lawrence, the funny man behind Scrubs.

Then, there's Modern Family, a look at various relationships that stars Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen and others. We've seen the pilot episode. It's hilarious.

Check out the newly-released official posters for these show, both of which premiere this month:

Cougar Town Poster
Modern Family Poster

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Cougar Town Quotes

Laurie: Jules told me never to ask, but why do you call me Jellybean?
Ellie: Well JB, when Jules first hired you I thought you were so simple minded she could convince you that Jellybeans were more valuable than gold and subsequently pay you in Jellybeans. This concept was eventually shorted into your nickname, Jellybean.

Grayson: You can't stand to be along for a second can you?
Jules: That is ridiculous
Grayson: So why did you go out with father time?
Jules: Because I am a history buff and I haven't been in a car with only a lap belt in a long time