Nick Zano: An "Object of Desire" on Cougar Town

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As previously reported, Nick Zano is coming on board for multiple episode of Cougar Town.

The actor will play Courteney Cox's character's first real love interest on the sitcom, which premieres next week.

“Nick plays... the first guy that she’s with for a string of episodes,” producer Kevin Biegel told TV Guide Magazine. “We wanted to keep him around because Courteney isn’t the kind of character who would just love him and leave him after one episode. He’s really funny, he’s naturally sweet and he’s a charming guy.

Aside from that, he is somebody who plays well off of Courtney. He serves as an object of desire, but also as someone she can have a conversation with and isn’t just there as a pretty face.”

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Five episodes is likely the most Zano will stick around for, however. His relationship with Jules Cobb won't end well.

“Nick might fall a little harder for her than she might want, and that might cause a problem,” Biegel said. “She’s going to have to figure out what she wants to do."

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