Private Practice Spoilers: Addison's Love Life, Pete's Flashback

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Addison's married love interest, Noah, won't be back on Private Practice when the show returns October 1, not even to resolve that scandalous story line.

The reason for this, of course, is that Josh Hopkins, who played Noah, is on Cougar Town now, and thus occupied. But where does it leave Addie now?

According to reports, the Private Practice season premiere, which is excellent, does not spotlight Addison as the primary character (an emerging trend).

But when she does come onscreen, she positively shines. We suspect it won't be long until romantic fireworks resume with Addison and ... someone TBA.

The Season 3 Private Practice premiere is based around a Pete-centric flashback that shows how he joined the practice and got to know all the characters.

Particularly Violet. Word to the wise: Keep the tissues handy.

Josh Hopkins

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I love Violet she's hilarious even with her issues. I only Liked Addison on Grey's. I absolutely LOVE the Pete and Violet story line hopefully they don't kill it like they did with Meredith and Derek it's so boring to watch anymore. Oh yeah and Taye Diggs is SMOKIN HOTT!!


Violet is a selfish whore sleeping with two guys and then refusing to find out who is the father. How selfish can u get. I liked her in Season 1, not now. Very few do care about her cos there is no talk about her online.
All the boards are about one character and that is Addison. Without Addison this show would alreday be cancelled. I guess Tim Daly and Taye Diggs have Kate to thank for repairing their reputations as show killers.


Those flashbacks are going to be so sad. And of course he cries. He loves Violet! I love Pete and Violet. And I'm with Lily, I have always loved Violet. She's probably my favorite. And she is emerging into larger roles on there. Thank goodness. I like Addison, but not as much as Violet.


Seriously, that storyline with Noah sucks...I mean, the dude has other things to do, alright, but couldn't they just put him into the show for like 5 minutes? We already had a guy disappeared without a word last season.
And with Violet, yeah, they made her likeable last season, but honestly, get back to Addison (or focus on Cooper/Charlotte)...the Pete part sounds good, though..


Guess who ABC is sending to represent PrP at the Emmy's? Yup Kate Walsh is presenting to represent PrP. She will also be on Conan O'Brien on Sept 30th to promote. Thank goodness they have Kate to promote the show like she did this summer all around the world.


Totally agree Marie. Addison is the main character the reason this show was made. The Season 2 DVD set says it all. Addison get the huge pic and everyone else is at the bottom. Looking forward to seeing KW shine as always in the premiere.


Ha ha! Yeah right! Violet seems to be the ONLY one many are interested in. They definitely did not fail. However, for many of us, they did not even have to try to get us to like Violet. We already did! I only watch for her and Pete!


i hardly watch pp, but as this fall season starts again my only question is this. since addy left grey's, and since grey's is starting a new intern year, has it been a years time on private practice since both shows intertwine from time to time?


I watch this show for Addison. The Violet storyline was a desperate attempt to make Violet likeable but has failed IMO.

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