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The new season of Greek premiered this past Monday; while House kicks off season six with a two-hour episode on September 21.

In his latest spoiler column, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello gives fans a glimpse at a major storyline on the way for each show. On with the scoops!

  • On House: Chase and Cameron's marriage will hit a roadblock when the former is the focus of a euthanasia arc.
  • On Greek: By the conclusion of the show’s current 10-episode run, Casey will be in a committed, long-term relationship... with either Cappie or Evan. Who do you think it will be?
Married Co-Workers

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It will be Cappie of course : they are the rooted couple of the show.
But i also love Evan and Casey so i don't mind who it will be.


OMG I hope it's Cappie :]


cappie cappie cappie

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