Greek Series Finale Promo: Ready to Say Goodbye?

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After four years on the air, Greek bids goodbye on Monday night.

The ABC Family hit will conclude its run with "Legacy," an episode that reveals Cappie's real name and features a pair of significant hook-ups, among other developments.

What else will be in store? What better way to find out than to watch a few scenes from the installment in question? Do so via the following, official preview:

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The promo will not be what it seems. It never is. By the way I am sitting here with my fingers in my ears saying nanananananananjananana over and over again so I won't hear you tell me that Greek is over:)


Not Realy, they put out the obius things but if cappie well be gone ho well be president of KT? and if the house is still there because they want to take it down, the real name of Cappie? wath well happend to Ash and russty?


can't say goodbye to greek, too!
on a side note, what the hell with the promo, they revealed everything left to be revealed.


Aw! I don't wanna say goodbye to Greek yet! It's such a great show. Why are they cutting this season so short? They should at least go up to 16-20 episodes.

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