"The Freshmen": What Did You Think?

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"The Freshmen" just aired on the CW and we saw a lot of new developments for our favorite college guys and girls. Change is in the air in NYC, to be sure.

There was the wildness that is Serena, the hotness that is Nate and Bree, the cute fish out of water that is Blair, and Dan and Georgina ... wow. Just wow.

Check out our episode guide if you missed it or need a refresher, then tell us how you feel about the second episode of the season by voting in our survey.

Was it all that you thought it would be? Are you disappointed? A little of both? Feel free to leave us comments with your more detailed thoughts, as well!

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"The Freshmen" was ...

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Dont get me wrong, I love Chair, but this romance is taking Blair away from the Blair we used to love the scheming witty one. I also HATED dans sudden popularity I want B to be on top! Im sorry but this season is REALLY starting to suck! We need more Jenny and her stepbrother scenes. And I SWEAR if Blair stops wearing her headbands(remember when Dan threw it away at the stairs)i will stop watching thye show. The problem is they introduce 1,000 guest stars every 5minutes. The show was better when it focused on just the MAIN characters. I hope the shows starts to focus more on the group than having each other out of anothers way. AL USUAL vanessa is still annoying. Like she doesnt add anything good to the show, shes just "there". God... Season 3 is SUCKING!!!Majorly!!!




Serena was really selfish in this episode, and poor blair.


I can't help but wonder why u all think the premiere ep was soo bad ?? I thot it was alright tho,.


yeah, yeah its never goin to happen permanantely but
c'mon they would be like a perfect cliche! they should
deffo get togetherr !


okay...as an avid Chuck and Blair fan, what some people are saying on here is bothering me. I, for one, am upset that there has admittedly not been a whole lot of Chuck/Blair scenes - so far. However, I think we would all quickly get bored if they consumed all of the screen time (okay, not really, but whatever the writers would undoubtedly fuck it up if it was 45 minutes of Chuck and Blair so I will take my small doses, thank you very much). And people claiming that Chuck and Blair are boring right now? Puh-lease. If they had broken up at the start of this season there would be bitching that "we never get to see any cute scenes." Chuck finally admitted that he loved Blair - pretty big step, he's obviously growing up, so he's not going to be as much of a dick as he was in seasons 1 and 2. They will be back to their old games in no time - be happy that we're getting to see some cute and not over the top gushy scenes with them now. Now if only we can minimize Vanessa and the creepy guyliner junky Scott blegh

Kimberly anne

Honestly I was kind of disappointed. A huge part of it was definitely because there were only two Chair scenes. What is up with that? But overall I thought it was pretty hilarious.
Blair is so the best TV female character ever. Her storyline was awesome. She deserves to be queen, but to see her struggle for the crown was entertaining. Why would anyone stay to watch a film by Vanessa? That is just unrealistic. One of my favorite quotes was when Georgina said, “Jesus and I have redefined our relationship.�, and in responds Blair said, “You mean he dumped you because He found out you were Satan!� I was dieing of laughter when I heard that.
Stupid Serena. She is so annoying. That brat didn’t even apologize to Chuck. He’s the one she should have done it to not Carter. And now Carter and her are supposedly dating. Eww.
There were like very like scenes of Nate. I thought it was definitely a good I idea because him and Bree or him alone are just a waste of screen time.
Someone else who I thought should have little screen time was Dan. He was boring as always. So he’s cool now? Well that doesn’t change the fact that I find him very annoying.
My poor baby Chuck. First off no one has ever looked so damn hot in shades of light purple. He is so sexy. It killed me to see how sad he was when his freakin stepsister interrupted meeting. My favorite part of course were the two Chair scenes combine with all the funny ones of Blair and when Chuck opened the door for Serena to come into his suite in that smoking hot suit. And did I saw suspenders!? Yay!!!
When Chuck and Blair were making out in the beginning, it was so hot. They always do their best work next to, inside and maybe on top of their limo. That last scene was so sweet; Blair showing up at his suite and getting into bed with Chuck. And this time we know Chuck is not going anywhere. So Blair is going to stay with chuck now? I hope so because there will be more chances of Chair ;)


I totally loved the scene where blair says: are u okay? and then chuck says: i am now. goshhhhhhhhhhhhh BUT: I WANT B FOR QUEEN. i hate it that she isn't popular anymore! but as we know blair. she's getting there. whehe. XOXO.

Gossip de la girl

oh my god.
Amazing episode. There were some really strong lines in there. Dan taking ove the party, and Serena and Carter...perfect! K, so. Chuck calling Serena a trainwreck was a little harsh. She has gone off the rail a few times, but I can somewhat understand that she needs to find her father. She didn't necessarily have to screw over Chuck though. I felt bad for him and his deal. Serena and Carter = hot hot chemistry! Hands down. Georgina and Dan...wtf?! Poor Blair, I'm sure she'll find her way eventually. Scott and Vanessa...mehh.
oh and Nate. Uhmm, I like Bree.


Why are the Chuck and Blair scenes cut so short. I want them to be twice as long as any of the others but it seems like the complete opposite. They don't have to say anything, just watching them together would be nice!!!!


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