90210 Round Table: "Environmental Hazards"

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We're back with another edition of the 90210 Round Table!

Thank you for joining us again, we our staff has gathered around to dissect various aspect of "Environmental Hazards." We hope you'll do the same in this article's Comment section or in the 90210 forum...

Will Jasper ever find out about Annie's past?
BrendaLova: Yes, or this is a wasted storyline. The question is whether the real Annie, the one hanging out with Jasper as a friend (and maybe more?) will leave such a solid impression on him that he'll overlook her hit-and-run mistake.

The Real McKay: It would be kind of funny, and suspenseful if not. Imagine if these two became a couple and simply dated for months. Every scene they were in, viewers would wonder if Jasper would discover the truth or not.

Wild4Wilds: Of course he is, and Annie will need to pay for her actions somehow. It might not be jail, but let's be honest: she did kill a man and she did flee the scene. She has to face consequences for these actions or the show isn't setting a good example at all.

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How stupid is Liam?!?
BrendaLova: SO STUPID. Dude, was there any reason not to at least keep that recording on your cell phone? You saw Naomi kiss a guy. Big whoop. We've all seen her do A LOT more with you. Seemed like a quick, unintelligent, gut reaction to erase Jen's admission.

The Real McKay: I think he's dumb for going so hard after Naomi anyway. She's really thin and very self-centered. Sure, she has a soft side, but you're really attractive, Liam. Focus your efforts on a gal without a crazy sister.

Wild4Wilds: I was shocked he erased Jen's recording. Did he need extra space on his phone for some reason?!? Due to Navid's connection with Adrinna (though that is on shaky ground), Liam could easily have found out that Naomi wasn't even really into that dude.

Teddy: A smooth operator, or a total scumbag?
BrendaLova: Total scumbag! He arranged that double date to make Adrianna jealous and then kissed her in the restaurant. How is this even a debate?!?

The Real McKay: I hate to say it, but it's hard not to respect his game. It's clearly effective.

Wild4Wilds: He's the kind of guy I despised in high school. People like me just tried to be nice, but were always overshadowed by some egotistical jock. Sorry, don't mean to throw myself a pity party here, but I really hope Navid ends up getting the best of Teddy.

Will Silver make up with her mother?
BrendaLova: Gosh, I hope so. There's really nothing one regrets more than leaving things on bad terms with a dying relative. You weren't wrong in what you said, Silver, but it's time to get over it for the sake of your sick mom.

The Real McKay: She should, but I doubt she will. Silver is the most stubborn character on the show. Even under these circumstances, it's hard to see her back-tracking on her true feelings.

Wild4Wilds: Man, my heart broke when she let Jackie have it at that AA meeting. It was just spiteful to show up with the sole intention of humilating her mother like that. Sadly, if often takes a fatal disease to bring families together and that's why I see happening here.

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90210 just got SOOOOO much better now that they played The Script! Everyone MUST check them outttt!


1.he'll have to sooner or later, and i hope sooner coz i really cant stand him and i want to see annie on her own planning evil not with some bad ass who tricks her into going out with him
2.saw it coming miles away, it was too obvious, i mean i already knew naomiw asnt going to find out until december or so
3.of course she will, but im really not interested by this storyline


1. i honestly dont care
2. so stupid and annoying. come on, he should be w Naomi already otherwise why is he there at all?
3. i like Teddy and seems that Adriana likes him, they should get back together
4. no


Will Jasper ever find out about Annie's past?
It's 90210. Of course he will. I actually think he already suspects and he's blackmailing her into hanging out with him because he's a loser. Notice all the references to his uncle when she's not keen on doing something... How stupid is Liam?
INCREDIBLY! So what if Naomi kissed another guy! Keep the recording as back up! He went to the trouble of getting it, why not save it and keep it for a rainy day. Teddy: Smooth Operator or Total Scumbag?
SCUMBAG! Who looks old enough to be a father to a young kid. Get real producers! Will Silver make it up with her mother?
I agree with Wild4Wilds...I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING SILVER when she gave it to her mum. Of course she'll make it up with her mum, but man talk about I wish I hadn't said that...

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