Silver: You did get one thing right, Jackie: you were a terrible mother.

Dixon: No lies. Just you, and me, and half sausage, half pepperoni.
Sasha: Get lost.

I am terrible at tests. But, I'm an excellent dater.


You are Naomi Clark! When someone says you can't have something, you try to have the fired. Which, for the record, I do have a problem with.


Liam: If you like someone and they like you, there's a way around obstacles.
Navid: Like of Dixon went into a rapid aging machine?

Liam, you're a smart kid. Is it just not cool to care?


Since I'm not going to CU, I figure I'll end up working at a fast food joint. So might as well dress the part, right?


Silver: I saw you kiss Teddy at the beach club.
Adrianna: I made a mistake.

CU is just like being on those East Coast campuses. Except the weather is great, and the people are good looking.

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