Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

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You knew it was coming.

Best friends forever but frequent enemies ever since we've known them, the lovely Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are totally feuding again.

Last episode's drama looks like nothing compared to what's to come in "The Grandfather, Part II." Neither girl is without fault ... or ready to back down.

We love them both, but if you're forced to take a side, who do you go with? We're curious to see where Gossip Girl fan opinion lies. Tell us below ...

A Couple of Hotties

Whose side are you on (if forced to pick)?

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oh please....age shouldn't be used to judge how a person should behave!
its what a person goes thru in life that affect most on how that person behaves.
I'm surprised many of you didn't know that...


@lauren also blair has missed her parants ..who cares about friends when you know that your parents don't care about you!!! that is really suck ... and even if she is in college .. she is still teenager !!!


Leightonlover, Of course she is a teenager but she is in college now NOT HIGH SCHOOL and I think Blair has got to grow up and realize she has it good and has friends who will be there for her no matter what. And in this episode she went to far and for that I am on TEAM SERENA!!!!!




Screw Team Blair or Serena. TEAM WRITERSONCRACK all the way!


Borh Blair and Serena have their faults but they balance each other out really well. Blair may be mean and manipulative and immature but yes she does have her friend's backs and fights like crazy to protect them (Georgina? Poppy?!). Serena may show too much skin and act like an airhead but she can also be manipulative and mean too. Doesn't mean that she doesn't also really care about her friends and want them all to be happy too. (Hello! She asked Dan to help Blair find the words to say I love you to Chuck. She was also pushing Chuck to tell Blair he loved her when Blair was having her breakdown, remember that?!) I hate it when they fight, and I hate it when the fans fight. Blair and Serena are like PB&J, or cookies&cream, or bonnie&clyde. One can't live without the other and show would not be the same without either. So I think everyone should just put their foot where their mouths are and just sit tight to see them make up at the end of the episode. Or at the very least the end of the episode after that.


@Guest- Absolutely agree wit you! And Leah, too!


honestly i'm not hating Serena character. But i'm falling in love with Blair character. So, i'm tottaly TEAM BLAIR! sorry S...


Just as Nate's stepping it up, Chuck is starting to get blah. Never thought I would say that...


Serena's character has lost a lot of purpose for me. I don't know, I used to like her a lot but this season I'm not feeling all that attached to her. I want Serena to liven up and Blair to tone the attitude down. But I love her fight with Nate, and his insults towards her we're actually funny. A serenate fight would make things more interesting.


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