Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

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You knew it was coming.

Best friends forever but frequent enemies ever since we've known them, the lovely Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are totally feuding again.

Last episode's drama looks like nothing compared to what's to come in "The Grandfather, Part II." Neither girl is without fault ... or ready to back down.

We love them both, but if you're forced to take a side, who do you go with? We're curious to see where Gossip Girl fan opinion lies. Tell us below ...

A Couple of Hotties

Whose side are you on (if forced to pick)?

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Blair, bah, talk about easy. she's currently getting on my nerves and she's not the same blair for me anymore, yet still better than serena, the latter seems so blank


Id say make love, not war. Hahahaha :))


sorry ,,, I meant teenager*


she is still a teneeger*


for thoese who saying blair is immature or blah blah blah ,, I think she is enough mature and has her problems as she is still teenger !!!


Forgive me, I meant "She shows a lack of remorse"


@sjl You quite literally described Blair in your series of comments, not Serena. While she may not be the brightest bulb in the box, she certainly isn't the backstabbing, manipulative harlot you're trying to make her out to be. I don't understand why a lot of Blair fans feel the need to talk down about Serena to show their favor for the brunette. It's incredibly childish. I've noticed a pattern with most Blair fans (and usually by extension, Chuck/Blair fans), including yourself; they become biased and hypocrticial when it comes to her. Had Serena pulled a fraction of the things Blair did in this show, you would all be on her case; but because it's Blair, it's forgivable. Yes, this is can be an entertaining show and yes, Blair [was once] brilliantly evil. But you shouldn't lose objective just because you like her character. In unbiased reality, Blair IS immmature, childish, and self-involved. She shows no lack of remorse for most of her actions [unless a sign of remorse would somehow be in her benefit] and shows clear signs of having narcissistic personality disorder. While Serena is CLEARLY no saint, she isn't as horrible as Blair can be.


Serena is stupid. Why is she even mad at Blair? For helping Chuck who has his entire fortune ridding on the success of his hotel? Sorry Serena, but the "job" that you've had for a week is not more important than THE ENTIRE FORTUNE OF A FRIEND. And S chose Chuck first. What goes around comes around. TEAM BLAIR.


I don't care about what Blair or serena did .. I am totally team Blair !!!!! she is my favourite character from the begging of GG .. Always have Always will !! How could I forget the reason why I am so obseesed with this show !!


oh yeahh, blair is SO immature. thats why shes shoving people's faces into cakes. oh wait....thats SERENA


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