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Gibbs and Abby to Grow Closer on NCIS

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Forget Ziva and Tony for a moment, NCIS fans.

Producer Shane Brennan told TV Guide this week he's excited about a storyline he has planned for Abby this season, one that heavily involves Gibbs.

"[Abby] does have a special relationship with Gibbs, [who has changed] because of the journey he has taken over the past two-and-a-half seasons," Brennan said. "Most people will see that Gibbs smiles more now; he's kind of warming up. There's certainly more to learn about the relationship between Gibbs and Abby, and we play toward that in this special arc of Abby's."

In its seventh season, NCIS has firmly established itself as the top-rated show on TV.

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  • Pauley Perrette as Abby

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Could you guys be any more negative if you dont like the show then why do you watch it


Spoilers have it looking more like a Gibbs story arc with a little bit of Abby thrown in, which would only confirm that this is NOT an ensemble cast. Oh well, that, along with undermining this once delightful relationship, will just make it all the easier to quit the show!


Big Deal! I'm sure it'll be a BIG disappointment the way all Tim or Abby episodes are. Something stupid and lame, like dealing with some dumb boyfriend. No real real evolution, or insight, of her character or anything.

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You know what your grandpa used to say? Water never forgets. Anyone with a boat named them will live forever. How about that?

Ann Gibbs

She's a probie. Besides, Tony did a whole lot worse to me.

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