Monday on Gossip Girl: Celebrity Madness and More

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Episode four of Gossip Girl is going to be a celebrity bonanza, as we know.

According to E! Online, Hilary Duff arrives on the NYU scene to canoodle with Penn Badgley's Dan Humphrey (the episode is titled "Dan de Fleurette") and both Tyra Banks and designer Tory Burch are guest starring as well.


Because Serena (Blake Lively) gets a gig as a celebrity publicist and, while working a movie premiere, finds herself in the company of these magazine-cover staples.

Perhaps they can tell her how to get more celebrity gossip attention?

Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen

Meanwhile, another photo from behind the scenes of "Dan de Fleurette" shows Taylor Momsen's Little J and Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass spending time together.

What could possibly lead to such a unlikely conversation? Well, it's Gossip Girl, so it makes sense that a shady plot has brought them together (see video clip).

From everything we've heard, Little J and Chuck are up to no good - they need each other for a scheme - and when Blair finds out, she may well blow a gasket.

Are you excited for Tyra and Hilary on Gossip Girl? Or are they just stealing screen time from Chair? What are Chuck and Jenny scheming about? What do you think of Serena's daddy-please-call-me plans?


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well then if that it is the case kelsey i will quit the show bci watch just forthem


Something will happen between Jenny And Chuck. Because they are started to do allot of more lines with each other. I love chair and all but the producers will probably get bored of them being together after a while, so they need a new line prehaps.


Hilary needs to go away and never come back.
she is not welcome here.


The reason I began to love it was Darena... Unfortunately they are very much off right now :(


darenafanx3 i totally agree the show isn't al about chair i wish ppl would just stop complaining


Im actually kinda intrigued by jenny and chuck plotting together,one reson is that they should develope a sibling relationship and the other is because chucks doing this to help blair which is ofcourse very very cute. Tyra of course is going to be really annoying but shes not worth my time getting mad about cause shes not the main focus, like hiliary duff will probably be. Im just hoping the epsiode wont be over duffed and that there will be some awesome blair power struggle and hopefully some major chair scenes!!


sorry, but some people really just watch the show because of chair! the other SL are a bit lame...(my opinion). I love the whole show, but I especailly watch it because of this great couple! If there aint chair,I think I would never have soo much interest in watching this show! They are the reason I began to love it!!!


i love trya,serena all of them.
there together so shh be happy stop complaning they have enough time on the show as it is and im sick of them


Ohw and besides.. I think the thing about Serena desperately wanting to meet her father is actually quite credible. (Except for the fact that I don't undertand why the paparazi would care about the night time adventures of a rich kid from the upper east side)


Unfortunately for all the Chair freak fanatics.. it is NOT the Chuck & Blair show! I'm not saying I am keen om Tyra being on the show.. But I am kind of getting sick of the "Chair is the only thing good on the show madness"..


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