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NCIS: Los Angeles Producer Speaks on Crossing Over

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Shane Brennan has a nice gig: he's the producer of both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Also known as: the top rated shows on all of television last week.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Brennan said he has plays to integrate the shows often with one another, starting with the appearance of Abby in Los Angeles.

Here's what the producer had to say about upcoming crossovers between his pair of hits:

On crossovers: Abby will visit Los Angeles. It’s a story that will be self-contained, but the ripple effect of what she’s involved in will go back to Washington with her, and it will play out in the second half of [the original show’s] season. It’s a two-way street here.

When we do these crossover episodes, they’re about making sure that both shows are taking something from it. It’s not about one show supporting the other... And we’ve got a crossover bad guy. There’s someone that we see on NCIS: Los Angeles who will actually end up in the other show as well, so that’ll be a bit of fun. 

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On this new character: The bad guy is a woman. It’s someone who Vance knows, this particular bad guy. And Vance, being the director of a federal agency and everyone’s boss, has that wonderful opportunity of being able to move back and forth at will between the shows. And the involvement he has with this particular bad guy begins in Los Angeles and basically ends in D.C.

Having said that, there are other stories and other opportunities for both shows where you have a bad guy who can start the journey in D.C. and end up in Los Angeles, or who they jointly investigate. So I think there’s great potential there. It’ll be interesting to see how the audience reacts to that kind of story.

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Ok, great show, interesting to watch, well written. One complaint:
The music is so damn loud that we can't hear the dialog.
PLEASE lower the volume on the "background" music!