NCIS Spoilers: Romance For Tony and Ziva?

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Any NCIS viewer knows that the chemistry between Tony and Ziva is palpable.

But does that mean the NCIS special agents played by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo will the current will-they-or-won't-they tension to another level?

It's certainly possible, but don't hold your breath, says Weatherly.

”Look at it from a practical angle,” Weatherly told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s Kryptonite! She’s an assassin! That’s like marrying a hooker. You gotta be real comfortable with the fact she’s gonna hook! Seriously, I don’t see how, domestically, (a relationship) would work."

Still, he adds, "But that’s me. Tony DiNozzo is completely unaware."

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Would you want to see NCIS' Tony and Ziva form Tiva?

So far this season, NCIS fans have seen Ziva give Tony a peck on the cheek in the season premiere, when Tony and the team rescued Ziva in North Africa.

Whether things progress remains to be seen, Weatherly says whatever is going to happen between these combative personalities will not be at all cheesy.

"If I sense a beat coming up where I have to do something that feels forced and inauthentic," he teases, "Which I think would involve holding hands with Ziva, I will assume it’s because some greater hand is at work that involves a terrible ending.”

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YES!!!!!!!! I love these two together. The tension is completely there and amazing. And I dont understand how people cant tell these two dont have chemistry. Especially in season 10 which I feel is the pick up from where tiva left off cuz there wasnt much of it in season 9 at all. This season you can tell by the way Tony looks at Ziva when there having there special moments that it is complete love, same with Ziva. And to the two characters personalities changing, i feel like Tony has just matured and grown up more, same with Ziva. I do think though for this to happen they need to be in more intense situations together.


τα καλ�τε�α ζευγά�ια είναι tonny-ziva και ampy-maggi


I would love to see Ziva and Toney together but it also makes me think that if it does happen something would have to drasticly change or it would mean a perment end to NCIS, but thats just me.


First of all,I hate the fact that they are changing the ways of the character,like for example they are making ziva emotional it started when frank died,tony being a player to a serious lover boy,damned the two characters have changed drastically from the previous seasons,they are totally different characters now.


i want tony n ziva together they been flirtin for ages it dam obvious they both like eachother


teno poco viendo la serie, y me encanta, creo que, debria de seguir el coqueeo,entre ambos, porque si es un extra a la serie tan extraorinaria, pero creo que si sedeclararan como pareja abiertamente, perderia ese sabor de intriga, misterio, y emocion que nos hace estar al pendiente de que pasara ahora? y que creo se ha perdido en la temporada 8 y 9, QUISIERA QUE CONTINURA COMO EN 6 y 7....picante, emocionante,


i think that tony and ziva (tiva) rock and that they are my fav couple on tv and always will be. I LUV NCIS!!!


i will love 2 see tony and ziva together but there also perfect just the way they are.tiva ROCKZ!!!


i want ziva and tony together it can be like there little secret from the team just like abby and McGee! that would be cute


i would like to see ziva and tony together,i would even like to see a baby by the that is kept secret even from the father

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