Private Practice Season Premiere Recap: "A Death in the Family"

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Private Practice kicked off its third season last night with a typical Shonda Rhimes made-for-fake-spoilers moment: A somber Pete standing over a coffin being buried.

Oh, but it was just a flashback to when Pete's wife died. Shonda is lame. But said flashbacks did tell the back story of Pete and Violet and made for a strong episode.

Private Practice picked up where we left off last season, with Violet's baby having been stolen, and her bleeding on the floor. Sick. She was discovered shortly after.

Did she live? Yes. We knew that going in. But how she got there and the back stories told made for a wild ride. Follow the link for a recap of "A Death in the Family."

Violet in Trouble

Here are some the top Private Practice quotes from the emotional episode ...

Naomi: Addison, let another surgeon handle this!
Addison: I can save them both, Na, I can save them both! | permalink
Dell: I am 25-year-old single father. How am I going to deal with all this?
Cooper: You just love her. | permalink
Pete: [to Violet] My wife died and all ... all I could think was that I can breathe again. | permalink
Violet: You asked me what kind of man I am? I think you're a man that married the wrong person.
Pete: Maybe SHE married the wrong person. Maybe I'm not cut out for all this.
Violet: You're a good man. And in time you'll find someone. You'll love someone.
Pete: I hope so. | permalink
Pete: Violet lives. Save Violet. That is the goal here. | permalink

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