Smallville Status Update: Who's Returning? Who's Gone for Good?

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Through nine years on The CW, Smallville has featured a number of recurring characters.

Some are dead, some are missing, some are ripe for a return.

In a new TV Guide feaure, producer Kelly Souders gives readers a status update regarding a few fan favorites. For example...

Perry White: "We would love for [Michael McKean] to come on right now, he's in a Broadway show. For now, it's a no."

Martha Kent: "We have the coolest idea for her to come back, so you never know. Hopefully in the future."

Lex Luthor: "There's no plans at the moment. [Rosenbaum's] got a rather busy schedule at the moment, but I know he'd love to be back and we'd love to have him back."

New Smallville Poster

Lucy Lane: "We don't have any plans to see Lucy [Peyton List, Nicole on FlashForward] right now but we know fans would like more of Lois' personal life explored."

The real Jimmy: "By the end of the series, I think it's quite possible that you will see another Jimmy."

Davis Bloom: "Davis is buried very deep in the Earth, but we love [Sam Witwer]. I never say never."

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