Round Table: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

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Welcome to this week's Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

With our They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" include classic lines, Serena and Tripp, the Jenny-Eric feud, and the overhyped three-way ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: I've grown tired of contrived fights between Blair and Serena, but this one was almost worthwhile just for B referring to S as someone that runs an "emotional Ponzi Scheme."

Gossip Guy: Haha without a doubt, Blair's lines have been stealing the show again now that the bitch is back. If I had to pick one it's when she told Jenny, "This is not your wedding day, Cotillion only happens once!" Too funny how warped her perspective is. Love you, B.

Mister Meester: Two Chuck quotes win for me: First, "Do you really think I want to spend my weekend watching women with tramp stamps working out their daddy issues?" Um, kind of, yeah! Then on the intercom: "If you two want to kiss, it won't count as cheating." Hilarious.

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2. The threesome: Yay or nay?

DANdy: Nay. It was built up too much. The instant we saw Dan, Vanessa and Olivia on screen, there was no doubt who would be menageing one another's trois. If the show hadn't mentioned the scene at all, perhaps it would have been shocking and exciting. Instead, it felt lame and forced.

Gossip Guy: Look, I love threesomes as much as the next guy, but how can you really expect me to "Yay" anything involving Vanessa? Eww, could you imagine hooking up with V? V stands for vomit in this case. Sorry, even the adorable Olivia couldn't make that threesome attractive. P.S. This has nothing to do with Jessica Szohr either, I think she's gorgeous. Her character though... ugh.

Mister Meester: The deluge of Gossip Girl spoilers definitely killed the "wow" factor for me, but here's one component of it I liked: Vanessa will finally have to admit she's in love with Dan. This is one heck of a way to explore that!

3. Team Jenny or Team Eric?

DANdy: Team Jenny, if only because she forced Jonathan to break up with Eric. That guy sucked. He was way too moral for Gossip Girl.

Mister Meester: Team Eric. He was no match for her this week, but boasting that the next time he takes her down it will be for good? Kid's got surprising gumption, at least. Who knew J's big rival would be her little bro!

Gossip Guy: Oh Team Eric all the way. The little guy (anyone else notice how short he looks next to J?) is at least going to keep the Constance drama entertaining for us. Otherwise I don't think I could handle the high school scenes, so goooo Eric!

4. Are you happy Blair and Serena made up?

Gossip Guy: Hmm, no I think I watch my Gossip Girl for the drama and these two are pretty much the definition of it when fighting. Here's hoping Serena pissed off Blair when she ditched her that night for Tripp.

DANdy: I'd have been happier if they made out!!!!!!!!!

Mister Meester: Yeah. My inner cheese ball loved the moment where they couldn't bear to hate each other anymore. When Blair asked Serena what her fake text supposed said and wheter she texted back? Sniff.

Such BS

It took awhile, but Serena and Blair finally made up.

5. Will Serena and Tripp hook up? Should they?

Gossip Guy: Yes and no. I know they like to keep everything in the family on this show, but I'm pretty sure cousins shouldn't share. Does no one else remember that hot flashback between Nate and Serena? Oh and I guess he's married and stuff so that's not cool either.

Mister Meester: Hell yes! Tripp just won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. If he's not sleeping with a staff member, only to get reelected by a comfortable 15 percent margin anyway, he's not a believable elected official.

DANdy: While the nickname Sipp makes this potential couple intriguing, they need to do something with Serena aside from sticking her in misguided relationships. I think she should become a nude model.

BONUS QUESTION: Is the show feeling a little boring this season?

Mister Meester: Here's the thing. Overall, there's a lot more to like about this season than last. The dialogue and characters are all great. However, some of the plot lines have fallen short on excitement. What was Serena and Blair's fight even about? Olivia's interview last week was vanilla, as was her threesome scene. What does Nate do ... ever? The list goes on and on. There needs to be a central theme tying these weekly plots together and more OMFG moments to boot!

DANdy: Yes. What is Chuck's storyline? Nate's? Blair's? Those characters - two of which are actually interesting! - seem to wander around each episode, looking for something to do. The show needs a broader narrative, something to tie it together, especially when it deprives us of Serena cleavage shots, as it did this week.

Gossip Guy: A little. Bring on the drama. I want B vs S. I want B and E vs J. I want so many fights I forget which letters stand for what. If I want to watch boring I'd set up a video camera recording my life, which mostly consists of sitting on the couch watching Gossip Girl and such.


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1. my fave quote was between blair's "This is not like your wedding day. Cotillion only happens once!' and Chucks 'If u 2 want to kiss, it won't count as cheating" Two classic quotes from 2 classic characters!!!!!!!! Long Live CHAIR!!!! 2. The 3some was not as gd as there was sooo much hype! wot bothered me most about the sitch was that it was between dan, vanessa and olivia!!!! the 3 worst characters had an 'OMG' story 2gether and it turned out to be not so much OMG as it was OMDull!!!! 3.Im all 4 team eric!!!!!!! jenny is such a cow!!!!! and she's queen so cant she make the rules and b friends with E and not make his life hell!!!!! Although i av 2 say i like watching J as evil!!! 4. i dont ever mind if B and S are friends or enemies. awesum storylines are created when their fighting and friends so it really doesnt bother me!!!!! 5. obviously Serena and Tripp will hook up!! its sooo obvious coz it sooo scandulous!!!!! but they r totally wrong 4 each other!!!! not only is he married but he's also REALLY boring!!!!!!!!!!! Bonus: okay, i admit that GG is different from S1 and 2 but that doesnt mean its boring!!! remember everyone that this is now college! the mood of the show has changed with the milestone (being college) that the charcters have reached!!!!!! im happy with any gg ep but wish that CHAIR was there more!!!!!!!!! CHuck needs more screen time!!!!! he is totally hot and deserves a major storyline!!!!!!! but i do luv him and Blair 2gether even though their stories tend to be distant!!!!! so anyway, GG S3 is still awesum and every show has their off season and lets hope that this is it and the rest of the series will be brilliant. P.S totally luved this ep!!!!!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Chuck and Blair this time, whilst i loved eric, his lines weren't that amusing. 'If you two want to kiss, it doesn't count as cheating', 'this is not your wedding day, cotillion only happens once!' Finally, that sounds realistically them. 2. The threesome: Yay or nay?
NAY. wayy too built up, they were a three some pretty much the entire way through the epi, i they even know other people?? 3. Team Jenny or Team Eric?
Team Eric! always. Jenny's so ridiculously smug, someon's gotta slap some sense into her. 4. Are you happy Blair and Serena made up?
I'm indifferent, it was nice i guess. 5. Will Serena and Tripp hook up? Should they?
Yes, and NO. such a shame really. BONUS QUESTION: Is the show feeling a little boring this season?
I don't think there's a single character I actually like this season, apart from maybe Nate. I have to admit i'm a bit of a chuck and blair fan at heart, and i miss them. Jenny, is fast homing in on V's top spot on my ARRGH list. But I will always watch no matter what and hope the intruige sets in.


Obviously From My Name You Can Tell I'm Team Eric. He's Adorable And Jenny, Who Used To Be My Favorite Female On The Show, Is Really Crossing The Line. Mess With The Former Queen (Blair) And You Bought Yourself A One Way Ticket 'Gonna-Get-Screwed Ville'. Eric's Sweet And I Wanna See Him F**k Jenny's A** Up. He Brings the Drama To Constance.


The first and second season were way better than this one. It makes me think gossip girl has jumped the shark. What happened to the scenes that gave me heart attacks? I want more Blair! I want more fights! More tension more everything!


they ruined the show making them go off to college, trying to focus on jenny instead of blair..they should have streched out high school like greek streches out college or skipped college..idk..if they all went to yale it might be fun, they'd just transfer the whole thing there..nyu is sooo not blair! this season suck! but I think this was the best episode yet, the theesome parts were so boring I skipped, but plotting against jenny makes me happy because I hate her guts!


I don't want to stick in something off topic, but where are the steamy chair scenes, yes they are a couple -i am ecstatic, and we hear them say the things they do but we never see any of it...yet we "got" to see the VDO menage a trois.............there had to be some other way to bring out the vanessa dan coupling...and reserve the exciting stuff for the couple people want to see...could be wrong...and I am in favor of Tripp being more fun especially if he is sticking around, and whats more fun that Serena???


I think they're listening on the no spoiler message. So far this week we only have the promo, whereas in previous S3 weeks they've released 3 or 4 sneak peaks by this point. There aren't any E! or EW scoops either. In my opinion that's good, because each episode of GG creates interest for the next, so there's no need to tease any more.


1.the line about serena sucking all the air out of the room hilarious :)
2.nay but i think it will be way more awesome after next weeks episodes.


It´s not that I dislike this season... I just feel there´s something missing. Like they are always trying to deliver it, but never really do. Always making things bigger than they really are.I don´t know... maybe the spoilers are the ones to blame for ruining things. As far as I´m concerned, 1st season had hardly any spoilers...maybe that´s why it was great, who knows? and I really miss GG...where are her juicy blasts??? :D


i think blair and eric should team up to bring jenny down. she's becoming soooo obnoxious. she should remember that she's just a hanger-on. she wouldn't even be an upper east sider were it not for her father marrying lily. she's not really rich, she's just sponging off lily.

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