Heroes Review: "Brother's Keeper"

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We actually liked this week's episode, but it's almost comical how the show refuses to kill off Mohinder. He's a character that lost his way seasons ago, that has no fan base and no direction.

Nevertheless, Heroes keeps him around, even when it's not necessary. Didn't Samuel simply tell Hiro to retrieve the movie this week and he'd pass along Charlie's whereabouts? Why did Hiro need to hide Mohinder in that case? Samuel has admitted that killing Mohinder was a mistake. Wouldn't he actually be happy that Hiro changed the past?

From Brother's Keeper

That complaint aside, there was a lot to like about "Brother's Keeper." For example...

... Nathan knows he's Sylar. We're sad Adrian Pasdar is leaving the show, but there was only so long this storyline and these multiple Sylars could go on. Should make for a dramatic farewell now when Nathan exits.

... Samuel's past was explained. The more Robert Knepper, the better. This guy kills every scene he's in (no pun intended!) and it was interesting to see how Joseph actually tried to shelter his brother from his abilities. Causes us to wonder: will we learn the circumstances behind Joseph's death and/or why Samuel is now trying to pay tribute to his memory?

... Tracy got into a bathtub in her underwear. That was neat.

Visit our HEROES FORUM now and discuss this episode in depth. Did it move the plot along well? Did you like it?

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There is one thing that I don't get it in the beginning of this episode. When the Haitian visited Peter and Nathan(Sylar in Shapeshifting), i was expecting the shapeshifting ability to be turned off and revealing sylar, but it did not...shouldn't the presence of the Haitian turns off all abilities???


I didn't read enough comments to see whether anybody mentioned this before, so I just want to say it.
Peter touched Nathan/Sylar and flew after him. Right?
But since Nathan isn't really Nathan, and is actually Sylar, wouldn't that mean Peter has Sylar's ability, not Nathan's. And I can understand how Sylar got Nathan's ability, but would that not mean Peter can use every ability Sylar has, from the lightning bolts to the shape-shifting?
Just wanted to put that out there


If Hiro returned to take Charlie right before Samuel grabbed her, Samuel would just have to ask Lydia, who's powers are mysterious still, for where Charlie is again. Then Samuel would just have to get to Charlie again. Peter would not take the empathic power from Sylar/Nathan. He nearly killed his mother, and did kill Nathan in the future before returning to the past. Peter who had Hiro's power probably knew about the butterfly effect too. They all knew about the butterfly effect. But it is only Hiro who is so experienced with time who, thanks to Samuel, currently knows how to manipulate past events so that no butterflies are stepped. Overall, extremely exciting episode. I like how Matt manipulated that guy in the hospital. Claire's leg scene was a good comic relief.


Samuel wasn't saying that *killing Mohinder* was a mistake. The mistake was *killing Mohinder without first finding out what was on the film*. All he needs to remedy the mistake is to have Hiro get the film. And I agree with the others: Hiro locked Mohinder away so as not to screw up the timeline, which would have led to him not saving Charlie. (Although, if I were Hiro, I would have used a simpler method: Just bring Mohinder along with me when I traveled forward to the present. But Hiro's way works just as well.)


Let's be realistic about a couple of things: Hiro acting like he is helpless, again? Hmmm. for a person with a great ability that he has (the power to manipulate time and space) you care to tell me that you are not willing to go back at the moment that Samuel took Charlie away? Come on. Be real. Peter on denial, knowing that he saw Nathan's body and Matt telling him the truth about the whole thing. Sheesh! How blind can you be, really? Not even that, you touched Nathan, you care to tell me you didnt see or feel the many powers he has in him? Now for some reason, Peter is exposing the power of being naive and stupid? For crying out loud, you had Hiro's power and you care to tell me that the thought of going back in time and prevent your father for taking your powers didnt cross your mind? Come on!


You guys are complaining about Hiro hiding Mohinder? How do you not understand this? Hiro hid Mohinder so the entire present wouldn't be changed. If the present was changed, then Hiro may not have ever met Samuel, and never went back in time to save Charlie. Hiro had to keep the timeline going. If you keep Mohinder alive, then everything that happened this season could have completely changed.


As much as we all want Peter to get all of his powers back, and as much as I thought to myself why wouldn't Peter just take Sylar's empathetic ability, the answer is quite simple. Peter doesn't know that Sylar has empathetic abilities, only Sylar and Arthur know that he can obtain powers empathetically, and Sylar chooses not to use the empathetic ability, thus Peter doesn't know he has it. Sucks for us fans who want Peter to be Peter again, but it does make sense why it hasn't happened.


Because his Powers are from the Serum...Not Biological anymore.


I agree with most of you. This week episode is one of the best by far this season. To those who dont remember, Peter can choose what abilities to take. He said this to Sylar last season, when he tried to impersonate the President and I quote: "Out the many abilities you have, you didnt think I will pick up this one didnt you?". Go to the NBC website and retrieve the last episode from last season and check the end. But this also brings another question.....why is it that Peter can't absorb Sylar's empathy or all the powers instead. I mean, if Arthur, his dad, was able to absorb all the abilities from Peter in one shot, why can Peter do the same since he touch Sylar/Nathan?


LAy off Mohinder...He has a Fan Base....Id rather see Mohinder kick some ass then Hiro.