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Let's run through the developments on this week's episode of Heroes:

- Unable to control her ability when she panics, Tracey realize she must re-evaluate her life. As a result, she meets up with Samuel and he tries to sell her on the carnival.

- Nathan learns the truth. When he and Peter arrive at the hospital and the latter revives Parkman with his healing power... well, a lot of touching back and forth leads to Sylar jumping back into Nathan's body. Nathan and Peter fly away, but Nathan can't get away from the truth: he really is Sylar. What will he do with this information?

- Hiro gets his mission fro Samuel: go back eight weeks and retrieve a film from Mohinder. We're then taken back to Mohinder during this time. He's happily with a woman that doesn't want him looking into his father's old stuff anymore. But Mohinder can't help it.

He comes across an old movie that depicts his dad at Coyote Sands, warning the camera about the powers of a newborn. It's Samuel. In time, Dr. Charesh says, this person could become the most dangerous, powerful villain alive. Armed with this information, Mohinder pays Samuel a visit.

But Joseph, who was alive during this time, won't let Hiro talk to Samuel. He says he's been keeping his brother's abilities under wraps for 40 years and he won't let Mohinder change that. Samuel, though, overhears this conversation. He follows Mohinder back to his hotel room and kills him... sort of.

Hiro stops time, swoops in and saves the movie. He also saves Mohinder's life, but he can't tell Samuel Mohinder is alive, lest he risk not being told where Charlie is. As a result, he sticks Mohinder into a mental asylum.

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whoever keeps writing these episode guides needs a editor.


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