NCIS' Michael Weatherly on Tony DiNozzo: He's Annoying and Irritating

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There's no "i" in NCIS. Oh, wait, there is. While TV's #1 show features a talented cast from top to bottom, Michael Weatherly has probably shined the most so far this season.

In the heart-stopping Season 7 premiere, "Truth or Consequences," Weatherly's Tony DiNozzo was featured in an episode that seemed engineered to show off his character.

Whether he's tormenting McGee, being chastised by Gibbs, flirting with Ziva (Cote de Pablo) or annoying pretty much everyone, he's remained front and center ever since.

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Weatherly talked about his juvenile character, a song he has coming up on the NCIS soundtrack and much more. Excerpts below:

On NCIS now being TV's No. 1 show, not just the No. 1 non-reality show: "I just don’t want anything to change. No. 3 is kind of better. They’re still not gonna cancel you if you’re No. 3. But now everyone’s looking. It’s kind of like when they give you the ball in football."

On just now starting to attract younger viewers: "We had a stinky stigma ... the Navy NCIS and Diagnosis CSI and the JAG-Off - whatever attached to us. But when people see the show at face value, free of any association, they just like it.

And for some reason they seem to be finding CBS at 8:00 on Tuesday. I think [younger viewers] like the whole bratty sibling thing. Somebody came up to me yesterday and they said, “You were very annoying on the show the other day.” And I said, “Then I’ve got a job.”

Michael Weatherly Pic

On not doing a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles: "I won’t do a crossover, unless they put a gun to my head. It won't help them, and my character is really only valuable in the context of Ziva, Gibbs and McGee. Robbed of his context, that guy might really be inappropriate."

On his parents' reaction to the spinoff: "My parents thought immediately that meant I must be losing my job to someone. After the second episode aired, my mom called from Rhode Island. She said, 'It’s a big year. You don’t want to maybe bring it down like two inches off the waist?'

I hired Sting’s trainer, because Sting, that guy, boy he looks good. I figure if I’m gonna be doing NCIS into my 50s, I should get in good shape. I don’t think we’re going home soon."

On torturing Sean Murray's Tim McGee: "Sean has been doing this growing thing where I started referring to him as Tim [and not “Probie”]. But you don’t want to get too far away from it. You know what I mean? Probie does have to be Probie.

One of the things audiences often don’t think about is the reason Tony is a jackass is so Gibbs can correct him, because then Gibbs looks authoritarian, which is what he is. Part of the dynamic of the show is that Tony irritates people, but when he’s not around, they kind of miss him."

On knowing his role: In the episode “Bounce” last year, where Tony put the wrong guy away three years earlier when Gibbs had retired, and now the guy had gotten out of jail and it turned out that he didn’t do the embezzling, Gibbs was like, “Well, it’s your case.”

It was ostensibly my episode, so I had to lead the team. And when it aired, my mother and my father were both like, “Well, you weren’t very convincing as the lead.”

And I said “Right! So, job well done.”

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I have enjoyed NCIS for a long while, but I've come to the point where Dinozzo has finally hit my last nerve. I may be in the minority here, but Tony either gets a grip on his idiotic behavior or goes on a very long, multi-season assignment where he's not seen. His shtick has grown old.


It's very hard to imagine an episode of NCIS without Tony in it. In fact everybody on the show supports each other, but the Tony/Gibbs and Tony/Ziva story-lines are more interesting to watch. Just hope the producers don't mess it up like HOUSE when they totally ruined the show by casting Chase, Cameron and Freeman aside.


While Tony/Gibbs would, indeed, be hot and FAR more entertaining than Tony/Ziva, mainstream network television is NEVER going to go for it. Sad, too. Frankly, I've long thought Tony and Gibbs had the best rapport on the show and was the most compelling relationship on network tv (then again, when the writers changed in season 3, that whole dynamic changed, too, as Gibbs become even MORE of a jackass and Tony got even more frenetic.)


i love ncis, its one of my fav shows and say what you want you can tear me apart if you want but i think it would be best for tony and gibbs to get together. they get eachother and balance no another out, plus gibbs is the only one who can really keep him in line. and it would be damn hot.


Do your think Tony, I love it! Tony is annoying, inappropriate and funny all at once (probilicious), but most of all he is competent and effective as lead field agent.


Tony just seems to be out of control this season. I was hoping to see his relationship with Ziva grow, but man he is a not-stop jackass. Prior seasons he was the annoying sibling, I get it, but he knew when to turn it off. Now he never shuts up and it's not entertaining.


Judging by things he (and a few other persons) have said in interviews and actors' DVD commentaries, that's the impression I get. Obviously I don't know him or his family personally, but I've always gotten the impression that they don't understand or particularly approve of his career choice. Still, he's very talented and is happy and doing well in his chosen career, which I would think would make a parent happy.


Gee, ya think his parents are just a little bit hard on him?

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