Vampire Diaries Review: Crazy Creatures, Hot Sex and More!

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A new vampire in town. A likely werewolf revealed. And red hot sex between two main characters.

No wonder this episode was titled "The Turning Point," as The CW drama gave viewers plenty to think about until its return on January 14.

As you mourn the loss of entertaining Thursday nights over the next two months, let's go over the reasons why this was yet another outstanding installment of the best new show on television...

Brothers, united! When the show kicked off, there seemed to be nowhere to go with the Damon/Stefan relationship. The former sucked (literally!), while the latter wanted nothing to do with his brother. But we've seen a (somewhat) softer side to Damon over the last couple weeks; and tonight we got to see the Salvatores team up and battle a common enemy.

They may never truly be on the same side, but a good show finds interesting ways to develop characters and keep their interactions fresh. The Vampire Diaries is a good show.

Sexy Stefan

Damon, thwarted again! Any Lost fan will find it ironic that Ian Somerhalder's character is once again obsessed with a mysterious apparatus in the ground. On Lost, season one ended with the opening of a hatch. On this series, Katherine's tomb has provided Damon with a purpose, one that might not be at the forefront of every episode, but the more he's denied entrance to it, the more the suspense builds and the more exciting it becomes when that tomb is unearthed.

Stefan's abs: Holy six pack! Stefan doesn't even need fangs. He carries lethal weapons around on his stomach everyday. How did Elena wait this long to jump his (ancient) bones?!?

Full moon, Tyler rising: Looks like we know the answer to a question we asked earlier this month. Does Tyler really not know what he is? Does his father have an idea, and is that the reason he urged Tyler to fight Jeremy, to bring out the creature that lurks inside his offspring for some reason?

We haven't even touched on Alaric as a vampire slayer (cool character, but can Matt Davis pull of the necessary intensity during certain scenes?); Or, of course, who/what the heck Elena ran into on the road. Any theories on this individual?

For now, we'll leave you with a few of our favorite quotes from The Vampire Diaries cast this week...

Elena: If you walk away, it's for you. Because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you. | permalink
Mayor Stratton: Do I look like a student?
Alaric: You look like a full-grown, alpha male douchebag. | permalink
Logan: I was one of you.
Sheriff Forbes: Now you're one of them. | permalink
Logan: I'm inflicted.
Damon: Welcome to the club. | permalink

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David and sabrina 2014

When I read this review of the turning point, boy did the show go interesting to an obsessing love affair. It may have been shocking to have Logan back as a vampire, but it was amazingly beautful to see Stefan and Elena come back together again, fall into a lovingly love scene3), and then have things turn upside down. This episode was one of my favorites of the first season and I just start loving it more and more. It just gets better and better than Twilight. =)


im team damon all the way but holy crap! paul wesleys abs were more than impressive!!!!


i hope this is going to be better than all put togather


i loved this weeks episode of vampire diaries it was a very surprisind one too i was so shocked to find out that logan was turned into a vampire but im glad he got killed by the teacher (who may or may not be a vampire) i think damon was really pissed that logan got killed cuz logan was gonna show him something about the tomb and a spell being broken and i think damon really wanted to know. i cant wait till next episode when we find out what elena ran over in the end, its probably someone or something unexpecting
well i guess we'll have to wait and find out!!! stay tuned in vampire diaries viewers!!


the song your looking for Erin is called Cut by Plumb


omg how am i going to last two months of not knowing??? what a great episode...the ending, perfect cliffhanger!


Man I can't spell, it must be the intensity from this latest episode, I wanted to know what song was playing when they finally went at it, any help on this would be great!


Can someone please tell me what song was playing when Elena and Stfan ginally went at it in "The Turning POint" ? That would be great! Thanks!


it's damon kidnapping elena, he now takes her to bree (gina torres), i think she shows her something about her relation with katherine.... but my question is... is Elena and Stefan coming back right? at some point... bc she left the necklace that was protecting her of being compelled, and now damon is gonna take some advantage of that... i just want E and S together... that's pretty much all... oh, and find out if alaric is or is not a vamp.


Elena is kidnapped by Damon. This is because Damon is going a little crazy because he is always so close to getting Katherine back yet it always fails and it messes with his head. I have no idea what he wants with her though.

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