90210 Review: "And Away They Go"

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Well, that was a major letdown.

The CW hyped this episode of 90210 like it would be an hour of fun-filled, Ocean's 11-style revenge against Jen. Instead, Dixon, Liam, Teddy and Ivy simply lured Naomi into a room and ensured that she overheard her sister's sex confession.

It really wasn't that incredible of a plan; far from it, in fact. Somewhere, Danny Ocean is shaking his head in disappointment.

The revelation that Jen slept with Liam does have interesting, long-lasting ramifications, at least. Read our full recap of "And Away They Go" now and see what we mean below...

Day at the Races

Naomi and Annie: Friends again? We actually prefer these two as enemies, but Annie has been on her own (and stuck in an increasingly boring relationship) for far too long now. It will be nice to see her back in the main fold.

Liam: A wanted man? We're not exactly sure what the appeal of this brooder is, but both Ivy and Naomi are clearly after him now. As we discovered near the end of this episode, Ivy knows how to play dirty. Let the games begin! (And let's hope they're more exciting than this week's lame game at the track.)

Ryan and Kelly: Back on? Mr. Matthews finally saw the evil light and kicked Jen to the curb. It never made sense why these two were dating anyway. Might he go after Kelly again? Do you want him to?

Join fellow fans in our 90210 forum and discuss the episode at length.

Let us know: are you sad to see Sarah Foster go? Were you hoping she'd remain part of the 90210 cast? Is the show now in need of a new villain?


Which of these 90210 quotes was your favorite?
Naomi: I lost the person I love most in this world. Now, all I have left is a horse. | permalink
Adrianna: Being sober for me will be a lot more than not taking drugs. | permalink
Jen: I thought you said if I was honest with you, there was nothing I could do to scare you off.
Ryan: I was wrong. | permalink
Liam: We don't wanna be a couple couple.
Ivy: So don't Tweet about it, pretty boy. | permalink
Silver: Is it bad we left the Shiva?
Naomi: They covered all those mirrors, which was just rude. | permalink
Adrianna: How are you feeling?
Navid: Worse than I ever felt in my life, but not bad. | permalink

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I LOVE teddy and silver together! theyve got amazing chemistry much better than teddy and adrianna! speaking of chemistry i think it was so cute of dixon to have annies back again! and seriously guys you dont see what naomi and ivy see in liam? hes sooooo hot!!!!


Hi Any one who has seen this "Episode 11 Season 2" in the M-34:30sec i really love the music in the back ground, could you please let me know by email Haziks@gmail.com


I agree there were a lot of flaws in the episode, but i still enjoyed it, mostly because of how much it FINALLY moved the story along. i feel like they've been dragging out the liam/jen thing for way too long. at least now they can focus on all the new storylines that the writers are setting up: ie silver/teddy/dixon, jasper's unveiling as a nutjob/drug-dealer, annie/naomi reconciliation (and annie's general redemption leading up to the inevitable manslaughter reveal), the naomi/liam/ivy triangle, adrianna's recovery and possible eventual reconciliation with navid, naomi's revenge on jen etc etc. So actually this episode got me quite excited about the rest of the season! although i will be seriously annoyed if the writer's just drop the whole liam's secret blueprints/tarp etc plan. however, i dont think they will because surely the writers knew what they were doing when they started that whole thing and then kept mentioning it. i know it might seem like the whole thing is obsolete now because it was supposed to be part of the jen reveal, but it was never explicitly stated that thats what it was for, more just implied. and surely liam would've shared this with the others when they were planning jens demise if that was the case? i think its a red herring, and the writers are building it up to be something completely different- maybe something to do with liam's evil stepfather? i can see why originial 90210 fans would be annoyed by not seeing jackie's funeral but i didn't really mind, mostly because i never watched the original, but also because i don't see how it would have moved the storyline along.


I hope Annie will be back friends with Naomi and Silver and Dixon. Jasper needs to LEAVE!!!


I'll tell you which one was my least favorite... the quote about the Shiva. Because JACKIE ISN'T JEWISH (see BH 90210 season 7 - Felice doesn't know if she should bring Jackie and Mel an ornament because mel is Jewish but they do have a Christmas tree because JACKIE DIDN'T CONVERT). WHY do they go out of their way to add touches from the original series but constantly get it wrong?! Seriously, just don't bother. The people who pick up on the reference in the first place are the ones who will know it's wrong.


Omg! I hate Ivy to the point of no return :@:@ I can't believe she's trying to come b/w Liam and Naomi especially after I waited SO LONG for Naomi to discover the truth! I hope she loses! Which I know she will because CW isn't stupid - they know fans want N & L back together :) I want Teddy and Silver to hook up - they're so sweet together! Totally get each other


I kind of want Annie to not forgive Naomi, atleast for a while. SHe deserves to feel guilty. But I hope her and Liam get back together. I can't stand Ivy, she is sooooooo annoying.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I've slept with a lot of men and you were easily the most boring.

Jen [to Liam]

I miss you. You weren't just my boyfriend. You were my friend.