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Californication Review: "Mia Culpa"

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Do the Californication writers know how to execute a season finale or what?!?

Though many of us have found some of the episodes this season to be a little wanting, this season's finale, called "Mia Culpa," was a total knock-out! Check out our episode guide for a complete recap of the finale!

Californication is so great because it marries cutesy adult-themed shenanigans and trashy banter with real drama. And they pulled out the drama big time for this finale! (I must admit, I got teary-eyed more than once this episode.)

Mia Culpa Pic

It seems that the key to this show is ending the season with a dramatic twist in the Moody family story line.  This isn't a show about sex! It's a show about a family - if you take a look at each season's finales, you can see that this is what keep the viewers coming back for more:

Season 1 Finale: "The Last Waltz" - In a dramatic final scene, we see Hank rescuing Karen from her wedding, and running off with her and their daughter -  we were so excited to see what the future held for the newly reunited family.

Season 2 Finale: "La Petite Mort" - Karen gets a job in NYC, but Becca is heartbroken to leave LA and her new boyfriend. Hank makes a huge fatherly sacrifice to stay in LA with his daughter while Karen moves across the country - again, we are unsure of what will happen to the happy family. 

Season 3 Finale: "Mia Culpa" - This whole episode was quite beautiful but the closing scene was just masterful. After a series of unfortunate events, Hank is forced to come clean with Karen about his past with Mia. We don't hear exactly what is said between Hank and Karen, as Elton John's "Rocket Man" plays in the background, but what we see is raw, and quite poignant. Hank is taken away in handcuffs as a heartbroken Karen and helpless Becca watch on. Hank is a completely broken man - and again, we are left desperate to know what will become of the three of them. 

Bravo, Californication team - Bravo.

As always, we'll end this recap with a handful of Californication quotes and ask readers to comment on what they liked best about it...

Becca: I ended up sexiled with the nerd, the Michael Cera type. | permalink
Mia: That's the thing about secrets, Hank, they have a funny way of coming out. | permalink
Becca: We used protection! He had a condom in his wallet that he said had been there since high school. It wasn't love and it wasn't perfect or anything but I'm glad I did it, I got it over with. And i wanted to tell you first, because I wanted you to know that you didn't f**k me up. My life is tough and weird and unpleasant sometimes but I walk around knowing that I have parents who love me and care about me and who always try their best even if they screw up sometimes. I know I gave you a hard time when mom was gone, but I hope you know that I love you, Dad, and I always will.
Hank: Alright... um, can you wait till New York to tell your mom about this? | permalink
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    What a good show/episode. There is going to be a season 4 right!? I'm going to be real upset if there isn't

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