Desperate Housewives Sneak Peeks from "Boom Crunch"

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This Sunday, Desperate Housewives airs its most buzzed-about episode in months.

That's what happens when a plane crashes into the neighborhood and two characters die. Who do you think it will be?

As you ponder the possibilities, check out the following clip from "Boom Crunch." In it, Susan tries to get into the holiday spirit... until an ambulance arrives.

[video url="" title="Boom Crunch Clip"] [/video]

None of the central cast members will perish in Sunday's accident, but creator Marc Cherry has promised that a major character will, indeed, be killed. He also says the show will flash forward when it returns in January.

For now, click on the pics below for a closer look at scenes from "Boom Crunch" and then follow the jump to view a clip of a hospitalized Danny Bolen:

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  • Holiday Doldrums
  • Gabrielle and Bree

[video url="" title="Danny in the Hospital"] [/video]

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Orson is gonna die and Lynette is going to lose her babies after saving Gaby's daughter.


The ambulance is for Katherine obviously.

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