Dillon Casey to Court Elena on The Vampire Diaries

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Just when you thought The Vampire Diaries cast could not get any hotter...

Executive producer Julie Plec confirms that Dillon Casey will be stopping by Mystic Falls. The actor - most recently seen on Warehouse 13 and Being Erica - will portray a character named Noah.

Look for him to create problems for Stefan, as Noah grows obsessed with Elena.

Dillon Casey

Of course, regardless of this new competition's existence, Stefan will be having problems with his ex when The Vampire Diaries returns on January 14.

That's what happens when she discovers a spot-on resemblance to the late love of your life. Good luck explaining that one away, man!

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Im NOT happy. All these new characters are being added who were not in the books and I'm starting to get i a little mad. I like the idea of a another involved with Elena but why do they feel the need to change everything that happened in the book and add! Its annoying and if you read the books you would know how amazing it was and that there is no need to change every little detail!


Dillon Casey & Nina Dobrev were in a movie named Too young to marry, they were husband & wife.


I'm wondering...... Maybe he will do something to elena's house if he gets invited in... like they said he was getting obsessed with elena. the big question is who will elena choose to be her bf?? or are they all just friends now? there are sooooo many questions!!


Him and Nina Dobrev were in something else together, I don't remember, I was trying to record Bold and The Beautiful and instead they were on. They were married, she was at school and he was working a job.

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He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.

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