Jesse Williams Speaks on Meredith-Jackson Rumors

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If the latest Grey's Anatomy rumor proves true, Meredith's ever-growing family tree could sprout yet another branch. A theory that Mercy West’s Dr. Jackson Avery is the Chief’s super-secret love child via Ellis Grey is gaining some traction as of late.

This twist is based largely on speculation spurred by reports of a casting call for a Young Chief and Young Ellis, who will appear in a flashback, and by the fact that Jackson was cast as bi-racial (as opposed to the show's typical blind casting style).

Does this rumor have any merit? Why not ask the man in question what he knows. Here's what Jesse Williams (Jackson) had to say about it in an interview with Fancast ...

Q: The big rumor making rounds is that Jackson will be revealed as Meredith’s half-brother.

Jesse Williams: I have heard that; I did not know that it had catapulted itself to a rumor. Ellen Pompeo and I have actually talked about this, because it would be really interesting and cool and dramatic. But I’d be very surprised if that happened, only because Meredith would have noticed if her mom was pregnant at some point in her [childhood].

Q: True. But Meredith does have a habit of acquiring relatives she does not get along with.

Jesse Williams: Exactly, exactly, so we’ve got that going for us already. [Laughs] But I don’t know how they would reconcile her never noticing her mom being pregnant. I simply don’t know! It could happen. It absolutely could happen.

Q: You’re also conspicuously absent from the new "Seattle Grace On Call" webisodes. That says to me that Ms. Shonda Rhimes has grander plans to keep you busy.

Jesse Williams: Oh I’ve been busy, I can certainly tell you that. I mean, I’ll find out tomorrow what’s happening next week. I don’t have a ton of information ahead of time, so I’m excited as anybody else to find out what the hell is going to happen next for me.

Q: Jackson also seems to walk around with a sense of entitlement – almost as if he knows he has some sort of “ace” up his sleeve.

Jesse Williams: You’re not the first it’s rubbed in a kind of “entitled” way. I think it’s more of a swagger. We’ve seen so many people [during the hospital merger] fall by the wayside for second-guessing themselves and hesitating. It’s a dog-eat-dog business, and if you hesitate for a minute someone will leap in and take your surgery and get an award for it. If Jackson acts like he doesn’t belong there, that will make him vulnerable. The Mercy Westers are still fish-out-of-water here, trying to find their legs and belong. We’re not on solid ground yet.

Q: Exactly. So the way I figure it, it will eventually boil down to Jackson saving his bacon by pleading, “Don’t fire me… Dad! I’m your long-lost son!”

Jesse Williams: I know! That would be really good. I should just blurt it out in a scene. I’m working tomorrow, so I just might do that and blurt it out!

Q: Rather ironically, it’s sounding like Joss Whedon’s super-secret Cabin in the Woods movie is something you can talk about more.

Jesse Williams: Yeah, that’s another thing that’s sort of semi-top secret. I’m one of the leads in that movie, which I’m very, very excited about. It was tough to hear that it’s going to be delayed so long [until January 2011], but it tested really well and they want to pour more money into it. They’re turning it 3-D, and that’s going to take a lot of time and effort, so they must really believe in it. I’m really proud of it. It’s really different.

Q: Hey, it’s Joss Whedon.

Jesse Williams: I know. Joss Whedon is the man, and [director] Drew [Goddard] is also an amazingly talented and hilarious writer. They were both amazing to work with, because they were so excited the whole time. There is blood, there’s gore, there’s murder, all types of s— happening, and they’re giggling like kids in a candy store. We were shooting that thing for like three-and-a-half months, but they kept it fresh. It was a lot of fun.

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I realize that Ace is arguing AGAINST the possibility of a love child but actually managed to make some decent points as to why there might be a love child. 1: She regretted how she raised Mer, therefore gave up baby #2. Also, high-powered surgeons take time off to write books... the Chief even asked Meredith about it back in season 1. Something along the lines of, "Where's your mother these days?" Blah blah, something about Mayo... "Off writing another book I suppose."
2: Richard didn't want a child so Ellis gave it up.
3: Abortions are still extremely difficult to procure.
4: Why would Ellis waste a rare lucid moment to confess a long-kept secret?


I don't think this would make much sense. There's been aired a hundred and something episodes and not once has Meredith's potential half-brother been a subject. Ellis always complained over Meredith, wouldn't it be logical to include Jackson in her angry outbursts too?
Also, Meredith already has two half-sisters, discovered not that long ago. There's been so many guest roles in this show lately, showing up from all different places...
I hope this doesn't turn out to be a messy turmoil, instead letting our beloved characters evolve in the show, for themselves and their close ones.

Call me meredith

I was just thinking of this today adn thought I'd post this about what I was thinking.
You know how when everyone on greys when they tell someone a secret it ends up going to EVERYONE, maybe Meredith knew her mother was pregnant, but didn't want to say anything cause her mother told her not to let Richard know,
Like if she would tell Cristina, it would end up having Izzie and then Alex knowing, and then most likely Lexie and Mark knowing, and then Derek and then Richard knowing. So it could be true. I hope it would be, it would be interesting to see the story line all out and everyone will be infected, or at least Derek, Meredith, Lexie, Mark and Richard, (and I say Derek cause he is the husband, and Mark cause he is dating Meredith's sister and Lexie cause she is her sister)

Mumbles cit

jackson means son of mystery man


I kinda guessed that Ellis paid for her daughter to go to school. I live in the UK and fee paying schools are called public schools. I'm not sure the age kids can start boarding though. So are there fee paying boarding schools that the rich folk send their kids toin the US? I just can't see Ellis as a maternal woman who enjoyed being a mom. She was too career minded to bother with Mer, hence Thatch being the main career thefirst 5 years of Mer's life. The chief remembered part of Mer's childhood being hanging around the surgical floor waiting for her mom to finish, so Ellis would have been told to make proper arrangements for Mer's are. But boarding school would make sense especially if Ellis's career was international in working for the UN etc

Mumbles cit

I don't think u can go to broading school at age of 5.

Call me meredith

it can be true, wow, i kinda hope it is!! LOL
and she could be pregnant and not look it, hey look at that 14 yr old girl who had a baby and her parents didn't even notice she was any bigger lol


This would be amazing for Meredith to discover that Jackson is her half-brother. Cristina's reaction would be good though to find out that the guy who kissed her is her best friend's half-brother. Ellis would put her child with Richard up for adoption.


Plz where did Mer say she went to boarding school. I can't remember that converstion at all


Jenna, Think about the timing. IF Ellis had gotten pregnant about the time that she moved to Boston, Meredith would've known since she WASN'T at boarding school by the time that they moved. And I mentioned before, Ellis was reliving those years in her Alzheimer time, she basically told Meredith she was having an affair. She would've said something. Also, like rosie mentioned, Richard didn't want children (neither did Ellis but by some twisted reason she did have one). Makes no sense that she had another one.

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