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Last night's NCIS, "Faith," almost pushed the team's investigation into a Marine's death to the back burner, thanks to the terrific family/holiday story lines involving the cast.

Not that the murder plot lacked mystery and intrigue in its own right. Follow this link for a full episode guide, then read our review below and see if you agree with our take:

A surprise visit by his dad (a terrifically-cast Ralph Waite, who looks and acts like Mark Harmon's Gibbs) threw Jethro for a loop. He rarely shows, and was acting strangely.

When Gibbs can't quite put his finger on his father's erratic behavior, he brings in the heavily artillery: Ducky and scotch! The old-timers get drunk and share many laughs.

Ducky's armchair psychoanalysis leads to an interesting conclusion: Elder Gibbs isn't demented or losing his faculties, just going through old-fashioned emotional distress.

Since the taciturn father and son aren't exactly good at communicating, Jethro makes some calls back home and presses his dad, who finally admits why he came to D.C.

Gibbs and Father

Gibbs was perplexed by his father's visit and strange behavior.

He recently killed a robber at the Stillwater General Store in self-defense after he threatened customers. He needed his son's advice on how to deal with death on the job.

Gibbs, in vintage fashion, simply said that it's never easy.

These two may have a strained, complicated, uneasy relationship, but it was great to see them want to try (and succeed at) understanding each other in their own way.

The death of a Marine that the NCIS team worked on last night also contained an interesting father-son subtext, related to the deceased's recent conversion to Islam.

This was seen by his retired Colonel and current Reverend father as an act of rebellion. He paid some fellow Marines to try to harass and shame the Muslim out of him.

Pursuit of those Marines led to Ziva kicking asses and taking names in a West Virginia dive bar, but not to the killer. They merely took the money and acted like bigots.

So who killed Marine Tom Ellis as he knelt in prayer?

Crazy Abby

What would an NCIS-mas be without Abby's awesome weirdness?

It was his own younger brother, who learned about how badly the dad wanted him to renounce Islam and felt ashamed when it didn't work and the Reverend was humiliated.

Sad as it was, the Reverend clearly saw the light and how wrong he had been not to accept his son. He may not have taken his life, but he set into motion events that did.

For once, we got to see a high-profile show defending those of another faith instead of blaming them for the world's problems. It was a rare, refreshing take on religion.

Meanwhile, Abby enlisted McGee to get a kid to see his Navy mom via super-secret satellite feed to the Indian Ocean, and Tony got the icy head of HR for Secret Santa.

Filler? A little. But these three always make things entertaining. The NCIS cast is so solid, the show always retains a very personal feel for a procedural, military drama.


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Some of you guys need to wake up and smell the coffee. Islam does NOT promote terrorism or violence. "Christians, unlike Muslims, don't blow up others with suicide bombs!"
I mean seriously, seaobuster?
That's like me saying 'Muslims, unlike Christians, don't burn the Bible to incite racial hatred'. It's stupid to judge a whole religion based on the actions of a select few.


it was clearly described as an honour killing, something christians just dont tend to do, and the la episode had a christian suicide bomber. both of these are soley islamic traits that are religiously mandated.
this episode was a let down and the only good parts were between jethro and jackson gibbs, the rest was either showing every christian on the show as a redneck, whore or intolerant asshole, having zeva as some religious opressor, or being so soppy that it hurt. i'll still continue to watch ncis though, as i doubt one episode will tarnish the whole thing. i just hope this is a one off... odd they decided to make it the episode set on an important christian holiday though. and no i'm not christian, i just know politically correct bull when i see it.


I agree with Old J.C. Seems that there is a strong desire to "please" Muslims, to see them in a "positive" light at the expense of so-called Christians. This is perversion! Christians, unlike Muslims, don't blow up others with suicide bombs! Let's quit the idea that American Viewers need to embrace the idea that Muslims are misunderstood and are just another religion, it isn't just another religion. From what I have read, the Military Personnel that convert are doing it for personal relationships, ie. for a girl or a guy.


I liked the episode. NCIS always shows muslims in a negative light it's nice to see the other side once in a while. A friend of mine recently coverted to Islam. His dad is a reverend. I feel really bad for his dad. Christianity is his life. He feels as if he somehow failed that's why his son turned away. Another female friend of mine also converted to Islam couple of years ago. Her dad is in the military fighting the radical nutcases. It was very hard for her family as well to accept her. The episode touched on an important issue.


seriously?? this was one of the worst episodes ever!! i could feel the moral of the story being shoved down my throat


A few years ago for school, I read an article written by a woman who chose to convert to Islam after she read the Koran. I don't mean to sound rude, but if you actually read the Koran you would see that the "kill the infidels" thing you talked about isn't real. Islam is actually a more peaceful religion, but like any other religion, there are radicals who take what they hear and twist it wrong.
Also, the bible isn't a happy, all loving God that you portrayed him as in your comment. The Bible is full of stories that involve killing and saying that a man can sell his daughter as a sex slave and that all homosexuals should be put to death.
Now, I'm Catholic. I believe in God, and Jesus, but I also believe in tolerating other religions and other people. NCIS portraying Muslims in a decent way isn't "politically correct," its just plain old correct. But Muslims are getting a bad rap because of a radical group, but, as a Christian, do you expect to be defined because of radical Christian groups? Should I be defined as psychotic because of, say, Bloody Mary? Or the Spanish Inquisition?
Quite frankly, I applaud NCIS for showing Muslims in a lighter, more true way. Especially with so many people against Muslims in this country.


But we do NOT serve the same God. The God of the Bible is the ONE TRUE GOD, Creator of heaven and earth, teaches us to love our enemies, loved everyone so much that He sent His Son to suffer and die for our sins. The God of the Koran tells believers to "kill the infidels" (unbelievers or enemies). Doesn't quit seem the same to me.
I love NCIS but will quit watching if the writers continue with the politically correct and untrue depiction of the Muslim religion.


that's not entirely accurate Old JC. the kid who murdered his own brother was christian, yes, but the religion itself was not derided. Gibbs (and the marine's father at the end) made note that there is only one god we all share. Ducky said we should spend more time learning about our respective beliefs and not on our differences. the Navy chaplain drew parallels between the USMC code and Islam. The point was religious and human unity, not casting blame on christians, just because the killer in this case happened to be one.


I beg to differ that no blame was cast on religions in the "Christmas" episode of NCIS last night. The religion that was blamed was the only one that is politically correct to castigate and throw dirt on these days - it is my religion --- Christianity. If you noticed, the villians in both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles last night were "radical, crazy Christias."
We radical, crazy Christians are sick of it. Sponsors take note.

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