Private Practice Round Table: "The Parent Trap," "Blowups"

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Last night's two-hour Private Practice event featured a number of dramatic developments involving the characters we love, as we described in our lengthy review earlier.

Now it's time to explore "The Parent Trap" and "Blowups" even further.

Below, our staff breaks down some of the burning questions from last night's episode our Private Practice Round Table discussion. Here's how our panel saw it ...

1. Wow, two hours! What was your favorite scene from last night?

The Barnacle: It's hard to call it a "favorite," since it was painful to watch, but if we're going with the most powerful, Dell telling Heather how he really felt when he learned how the house blew up. You could see his anger and guilt building up as he just exploded.

Dr. Shepherd: Definitely Pete telling Heather "I forgive you" and "our baby will be fine," when she thought he was Dell. So compassionate, plus the parallels with Violet - he was probably channeling his own feelings as well. Great scene, however tragic.

M.L. House: At the end when Addison yelled at the Captain. Intense and three episodes (including last week) in the making. Love Kate Walsh so much!


2. Was Addison being too mopey?

M.L. House: Given what was going on with Dell, I'd have to say yes. Not saying Addison wasn't thrown for a serious loop or didn't have a right to be upset/confused/shocked, but I thought she should have tried to pull it together. I do feel bad for her, though. What a mess!

Dr. Shepherd: Sometimes I think she is, but I'll cut her some slack last night. She had serious family issues anyway, then learned her whole life was a lie. It was either fall into this fit of confused depression or go completely postal. She held up well, all things considered!

The Barnacle: No, I'm in Addison's corner all the way. Her parents used, abused (mentally) and damaged her, under the guise of protecting her, while they were only protecting themselves and their own lies. That it was so prolonged and calculated makes it much worse.

3. Here's a two-part question (a lot to talk about in a two-hour episode): Who's the better parent, Sam or Naomi? Do you see them together?

The Barnacle: I feel like we've been set up all along to want Sam and Naomi to get back together someday. I don't see it, but I liked last night. Face it, a lot of kids grow up with divorced parents. I'd like to see them work together as friends and parents.

M.L. House: Come on Sam. You can't be friends with your kids. Especially if they're dating guys named Dink. Maya needs more Nae laying the smack down!

Dr. Shepherd: I loved that when Sam's cool dad act blew up in his face, he didn't try to defend himself, nor did Naomi rub it in his face. Instead, they shared a mutual "what do we do now" moment and agreed to stay strong. Just like good parents do.

4. Because we have to ask: Share your thoughts on Violet.

Dr. Shepherd: I know I'll catch a lot of flak for this, but Violet was defined for so long by the attack, the attack, the attack, the baby, Pete, the baby, the attack, etc. Maybe now she can find herself again and rediscover the person she is - even if it took this act.

M.L. House: Look, I think we all realize Violet went through serious trauma and want her to be back to her old self. But you can't use that as an excuse for everything. Sleeping with the Captain, then acting like it didn't (or shouldn't) matter to Addison? Inexcusable.

The Barnacle: I choose to assert my 5th Amendment privilege.

5. Team Cooper or Team Charlotte?

Dr. Shepherd: I love Cooper but Team Charlotte all the way. Give me a break, he's not exactly Mr. Relationship expert himself. Pot, meet kettle... you're black!

M.L. House: Team Charlotte! Get the heck over it Coop!

The Barnacle: Cooper really needs to move past this, but I will say this: Charlotte can only blame herself for withholding it. Lying through omission may not have seemed like a big deal at the time, but in the mind ofthe other person, it feels a lot worse.

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I agree, Cooper needs to let that go! This is why Charlotte never told him, because he'd act like this. IT'S IN THE PAST!!! I can't believe he is still holding on to that. I liked the scenes with Naomi, Sam, and Mya, those were good! I'm glad they did a story like that. They never really show those two parenting Mya. I also loved the moment when Heather was dying and Pete was talking to her. What he said was soooo meant for Violet. "I forgive I love you. Our baby will be fine." I was so thrilled to see that part. I don't care if Heather died, it restored my hope in Pete and Violet! I hope they never go the Addison/Pete route. He is best with Violet. I, apparently like many, LOVE Pete and Violet. And they will work through the issues they are facing. Addison and Sam, wow, that is an interesting combination. But I think after the two hour episode, I like them together. Not to mention Naomi will be livid when she finds out. Bizzy was terrible, lying to Addison for so long. Both her and the Captain, they should have told her! My heart went out to Addison in this one.


I love this 2 hour-episode. This is my favorite episode(I count both episodes as one) this season yet. We met Addison's parents and by this, it made us understand her more. Personally, it made me love her more. She's not mopey at all. It's just a normal "human" reaction. Imagine your whole life is lie. You saw your mom kissing another woman. Can you smile after that? She tried to be there for Dell even though she has a lot going on with her life as well. My favorite part of the first episode is the confrontation between Addie and her dad. She said something like "It made me wonder, daddy, why you can be so kind and gentle to every woman in the world but me and Bizzy who loves you." This was the first time she used the word "daddy" and not "the captain" in reference to her father. It was so intense and painful to watch. I felt her emotions. KATE WALSH is so amazing!!! I agree! Great casting with Bizzy. She's so elegant. I want Pete and Addie to continue what they had before. I sill think they would be great together as a couple. When will this happen Shonda? Copper! argh! Let it go man! Come on! Charlotte apologized a hundred times. Get over it. She cheated on you once and you forgave her. She lied through omission and you act like you'll make her pay every single day of her life. You'll be sorry when she gets tired apologizing and then leave you for good.


I loved the moments between Nae, Sam, and Maya they were real and humorous at the same time. I laughed out loud when sam told Maya that he would let Nae kill her and then help her hide the body. And I thought the moments between Sam, Addie, and her family with well done by all.


Kate Walsh is an AMAZING actress.
She did an incredible job last night.


WOW. Seriously?
Too mopey, and two out of the three of you think she was too mopey.
You try going through your WHOLE life not knowing it was all a lie. Until 30, 40 years later.
Then only to find your mother kissing a woman, and knowing that your whole life you hated the wrong parent.
Addison was NOT to mopey.
She reacted to what was infront of her.
How would you react to what she went through.
She was so strong, but she reacted like a human.
Very confused, and very sad.
She was lied to her WHOLE life.
And her parents treated her terribly.
So no, she was not too mopey.
I would react the SAME exact way.
To be treated that way, I would imagine would make a person act the way Addie did.
She acted


Kate Walsh totally ruled this double episode. The backstory was five seasons in the making and it delivered. Great casting with Bizzy too.


Yeah, I agree. Addie totally had a right to be upset and I don't think it affected her being there for Dell at all. I liked how Sam kinda took care of her, I'm almost starting to like them as a potential couple. Kate Walsh did awesome, btw!


To mopey? Are you for real? She just found out her whole had been a lie. How would you like it if you found out your whole life had been a lie? Would you put a smile on your face? LOL I don't think so. Addison more than had a right to be a mess. She WAS there for Dell in the beginning and in the end.


WTF? To mopey? Are you for real? She just found out her whole had been a lie. How would you like it if you found out your whole life had been a lie? Would you put a smile on your face? LOL I don't think so. Addison more than had a right to be a mess. She WAS there for Dell in the beginning and in the end.

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