Vampire Diaries: Casting for Bonnie's Cousin

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When The Vampire Diaries returns in January, fans should expect to meet the family.

First, James Remar has been cast as Giuseppe Salvatore, the father of Damon and Stefan. He'll appear, via flashbacks, in at least one episode.

Now, The CW has sent out a casting notice for Lucy Bennet, Bonnie's cousin "from out of town." This is how the network describes the role:

Early 20's.. HOT African-American... A Virginia Tech college student that is wicked smart and is happy to let you know it. At first, she comes across as crass and in-your-face but look deeper and you'll see a wounded soul who's never really belonged. She is very guarded and mysterious and is not above using her looks to her advantage. Men beware.

The notice adds that this character may be recur as part of The Vampire Diaries cast. Got any suggestions on who should play Lucy? Share them with us now!

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What actress would fit in as Bonnie's older cousin?

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I knew that they would let bonnie have a cousin, im only 13 but i love this show and the books, if were in my early 20's i would audition, because i want be actress before i go to college and high school, but the part for bonnie's cousin should be raven symone.


I should play this part! I'm totally an actress and I love this show. Where do I audition?


I also vote for Erica Hubbard and personally I think she's a great actress. she could seriously pull this off. She's got the look and she's gorgeous!


Chele Andre. She was in Never Back Down. It would be refreshing to see a new face...


But Rum is right, Gabrielle is a little old for the part. My votes for Meagan or Jurnee


I TOTALLY agree with Gabrielle Union.
I have 3 names for Lucy: If they want super sexy Meagan Fox style, they should get Megan Goode. They look just alike. Sexy southerner, Jurnee Smollett. She used to play on fullhouse,Eve's Bayou but she is all grown up now. And for just beautiful Gabrielle Union.


Gabrielle Union is too old for that role..are you kidding me!!
Erica Hubbard can't act to save her life...she's the main reason why I lost interest in LH...neither is she HOT, JMHO
Zoe Saldana?!! Tell me you're not serious.She's a frickin movie star, she's practically gone A-list (starring in the biggest movies of the yr, Star-Trek, Avatar)it goes without saying, TV roles are hardly a priority. I can see Megalyn as a possibilty, but my suggestions would be Dana Davis (Heroes, 10 things i hate about you) or Meagan Goode (now she's definitely HOT!!)


I was gonna say Gabrielle too!


Megalyn Echikunwoke she was in Supernatural, Dean's girlfriend. I loved the episode, it was the reason I started watching Supernatural. Plus she's HOT!


my first thought was Gabrielle Union - remember her from Bring It On? I think she's on Flash Forward at the moment. They look so similar!

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