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Cougar Town Review: "Stop Dragging My Heart Around"

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Now that Cougar Town has seemingly become less and less about cougars and more of an ensemble comedy, the show has been exploring the unique relationships between the different characters.  We're just going to go over the various story lines from "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" and discuss what worked and didn't.

Travis and Kylie's first time.  While we could care less about their relationship, it did lead to a funny moment when Travis and Jules both got home in the morning disheveled; and when both parents attempted to parent him later.

Bobby and Jules.  What!?  If it weren't for the massive Cougar Town spoilers, that could have been our reaction.  While we love the goofy, mullet-rocking Bobby, we understand that no serious woman could feel the same way, especially not Jules.  It was funny to see a clingy Bobby just show up with his boat outside Jules' house and it was good to see Jules finally put the guy out of his misery at the end.  Let's hope this pairing never happens again, but we're sure it will.

Jules and Bobby Kiss

Grayson and Laurie hooking up.  For a second when we met up with Laurie we almost felt like we were watching a semi-intelligent girl, only to quickly see it subdued by her craziness and ditziness.  However, most-changed character goes Grayson for showing a jealous side after Bobby tells him he hooked up with Jules.  Not a fan of this pairing, the concept of "somedays" and only enjoyed that it led to a random interaction by Andy.

Andy and Ellie.  The one "stable" relationship of the show would be boring to watch if it weren't for the fantastic Andy.  Ellie was given the sappy voiceover at the end of this episode, and its cheesiness would have ruined the episode, if it not saved by Andy asking if he was gonna get some after her boring speech.

Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel have successfully created an above average sitcom and we have no problem tuning into each week.  We find ourselves drawn to these characters and their various relationships, despite the fact it's not exploring anything new.

I guess as fans of Two and a Half Men, we've set ourselves up for a lifetime of mediocrity.  Now for our favorite Cougar Town quotes after the jump.

Laurie: I have to admit last was pretty okay
Grayson: That's weird, during it you were vocal how good it was.
Laurie: Yeah, that's because it's not sex to moan, "oh this is okay." | permalink
Laurie: What we did was totally natural like the wind... or not trusting Canadians. | permalink
Bobby: I'm going through stuff too. They're repaving the parking lot where I keep my boat so I'm going to have to move. It's time like this I wish I had my own parking lot.
Jules: Really? That's what you wish for? | permalink
Jules: Drinking out of a third place trophy makes you feel like a winner. | permalink

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    @LizzyB and @Julien

    Maybe mediocre is a little harsh. I just had very high expectations for this show given its creator was Bill Lawrence (who also created one of my favorite shows, Scrubs) and starred Courteney Cox.

    I really do think the show is improving and I say it each week in my reviews. I hope you'll stick with us and please, pop in the comments and give your opinions each week! Not a lot of sites cover this show and I think other people want to hear your positive reviews!

    P.S. I apologize for the mistakes. I am actually the programmer on this site and pop in to cover shows as a fan when no one else on the staff watches the show. As our staff continues to grow, you'll see a lot less of me, and a lot more of our talented writers. :)


    I agree with Julien that the show's much better than mediocre. You're entitled to your opinion Barnacle but I thought this site was called TV "fan"atic for a reason..that it's for actual fans of the shows on here. At the very least, you could proofread your posts before submitting; there are a lot of mistakes.


    @Julien. While I appreciate your criticism about my review, let me know what you think makes this show unique versus previous and current sitcoms.

    Oh and find me any other critic that's been as friendly and forgiving towards this show as me.


    mediocre?seriously? I can't think of anything that's mediocre about this show, except this review

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