David Strathairn to Guest Star on House

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Hugh Laurie's directorial debut on House has attracted an Oscar-nominated actor.

As first reported to Entertainment Weekly, David Strathairn - who earned an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Edward R. Morrow in Good Night, and Good Luck - will appear on the show's 17th episode of the season.

“He’s a patient who has scenes with Dr. House,” producer Katie Jacobs told the magazine. “I’m excited to [watch] the two of them in a room together.”

David Strathairn

According to Jacobs, Laurie handpicked Strathairn for the secret, major part: “Hugh really wanted him to play the role and [David] responded.”

The producer also teased that the format of the episode will be "different" than usual, but wouldn't elaborate. Guess we'll need to tune in and find out.

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