Extended Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Promo For Thursday

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During last night's Brothers & Sisters episode, ABC ramped up its promo for the Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover event this Thursday with a 45-second advertisement.

While we've seen a lot of these snippets from the much anticipated 2010 debuts of both Shonda Rhimes series already, they've never been packaged quite this dramatically.

Or in the case of Mark and Alex, nakedly.

The promo for "Blink" and "Another Second Chance" leaves little doubt that more than one relationship may be in peril along with the life of Mark's pregnant daughter.

If you missed it, we posted a huge photo gallery for both episodes as well as five sneak previews this weekend. Check out the promo below and share your comments:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/greys-anatomy-private-practice-extended-promo/" title="Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Extended Promo"] [/video]

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What is the name of the song? Does anyone know?


i dont care what they do, as long as they do not screw with MerDer or have people switching shows.. well mark anyway, i like him and derek on greys anatomy! they can get rid of some more mercy west people if they like though. :)


The one he talks to is Reed, but the one he kisses is definitely not her.

Call me meredith

I don't think it's Lexie, it seems like its that Mercy West girl. with the short hair who was friends with the one that got fired. OMG tomorrow!! I cant wait!!! omg, 2 hours!! one hour of greys and then private practice!!!


omg. I am so upset that Alex sleeps with Lexie. But are you sure it is not Reed ( I really don't like her). I am looking forward to what this season brings


I just saw two new sneek peaks, Mark sleep with Addison, Addison is telling Sam and Naomi. Mark is telling Addie that Lexie dumped him because he asked her to raise Sloan's baby together.. so I guess Mark won't cheat and neither does Lexie cause they are broken up hmmm.


Looks like its going to be a very Mark-centric double episode. To be honest, Im not a huge Mark fan...I like his character and I would never want him gone completely but an entire double episode with him as the lead? Not sure how enthusiastic I am about that.
The one saving thing is that if all of the comments are true and Lexie does sleep with Alex and the Mark-Addison things isn't just a dream but it actually happens that means Mark and Lexie are on the rocks...which is awesome coz Ive hated them together since the beginning!! The drama that ensues will be good as long as they dont get back together..:)


Awwww I about freaked the hell out when I read that Callie was sick. I don't read the spoilers but this time I did. Can't anything happen to my girl. I love her and AZ so much they are so cute and sweet. Yayyyyyy just 31 hrs from show time:) I can't hardly wait:)


It wouldn't be at all surprising if Mark and Addison ended up sleeping together yet again. He was in love with her enough to let her go...which is a whole lot. He didn't want to make her feel bad about cheating on him with Alex, so he said he broke the pact. She was pregnant with his child, and he wanted to be a father (however briefly). They have a long history. Mark and Lexie are sweet together, but Mark and Addison have amazing chemistry and much deeper feelings.


As much as I don't want Alex cheating on Izzie, I hope to god that its not with Reed! At least let it be with Lexie!
CANADIAN promo makes it seem like Reed is asking alex out for drinks, but unless reed puts on a wig, that is almost for sure LEXIE he is kissing

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