Grey's Anatomy Casts Young Richard and Ellis

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In preparation for its upcoming flashback episode, Grey’s Anatomy has tapped J. August Richards and Sarah Paulson to play young versions of Richard Webber and Ellis Grey.

The circa 1982 versions of the Chief and Meredith's mom will be seen on the show's February 18 episode, appropriately titled “Time Warp,” and the story should be intriguing.

The episode is expected to shed light on the beginnings of the affair between Richard and Ellis, and there are other flashbacks occurring as well, although not all from 1982.

In separate sequences, we’ll see Bailey in her pre-Nazi days, and Callie shortly before she was introduced on the show's second season. Young Thatcher is also being cast.

What are your thoughts on the casting of Richards and Paulson? Both are quality actors, and look like they could pass for young versions of their respective characters, right?

J. August Richards Picture
Sarah Paulson Picture

J. August Richards and Sarah Paulson will play young Richard and Ellis.

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I love J. August Richards...
He is so lovely

Call me meredith

:O:O:O I cant wait to see the episode!! OMG would be exciting to seeeeeeee


Sarah Paulson does look like Kate Burton and Ellen Pompeo. J. August Richards does indeed look like James Pickens Jr. Hopefully, young Thatcher will look like Jeff Perry.


I think it will be refreshing to see J. August Richards. He grew so much on Angel, and we were able to see enormous range of character. I think he will pull off Richard very well.


Seriously, with some make-up and hair adjustment, why not use Ellen Pompeo for the young Ellis? The Meredith character is about the same age as Ellis when she and Richard had their affair.


@Karlota: I think when Richard said to Meredith: "You're the spitting image of your mother", he meant Meredith was as good as her mother as a resident (only Meredith knew the answer to Richard's question (Can anybody name the common causes of post-op fever?), she also knew how to diagnose the pulmonary embolus). So he didn't think of the physical similarities.


this episode is either going to be really really bad or amazing, they need to be able to link it in with the current storylines to make it work, hmm, will be interesting to watch how it pans out.


Oh look! It's Gunn! :D


I agree with karlota about the young Ellis looking nothing like Mer. I guess it's better to have someone who'll be a good actor than be a look alike. Mer was born before the affair started. But this makes me wonder if we're going to see much of anything other than these storylines in this episode. If the chief is on a gardening leave (that's how it can be refered to in the UK) this can't take place in the hospital surely?. If he's in thearapy he will not want the hospital to know. Any flash backs for Bailey and Callie i hope will help their storylines


I don't think she fits as a young Ellis - Richard said in S1E1 that Meredith was "the spitting image" of Ellis, and Sarah Paulson doesn't look like Ellen Pompeo at all :S

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