Major Brothers & Sisters Spoiler: Rob Lowe to Leave Cast After This Season, May Headline New Series

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In a surprise development for Brothers And Sisters, Rob Lowe has reportedly worked out an amicable exit strategy with Steve McPherson, ABC Entertainment President.

Lowe was brought in as Sen. Robert McAllister when the series stumbled out of the gate, and ratings soon climbed, leading to Lowe's signing a deal as a series regular.

Insiders say that in the drama's four seasons, at least four different show runners have gone and gone, and Rob Lowe has felt under-utilized in the family story lines.

As a result, he'll be leaving the Brothers & Sisters cast - a bit of a dubious move, considering the large ensemble he knew he was becoming a part of - at season's end.

McPherson confirmed the exit, with an interesting twist: A new Rob Lowe-centric series.

Big Announcement

Robert is leaving the U.S. Senate. Rob is leaving the show.

"We would absolutely like to keep Rob at ABC; we feel he should be anchoring his own franchise," McPherson said, noting that the two parties are currently "in talks now.”

Many fans may know that Lowe previously exited The West Wing in the middle of its series run to start a new series, The Lyon's Den, which was axed in its first season.

It is unclear what the Lowe-led show would be about. However unlikely it may be, we'd love to see a Robert and Kitty political spinoff series. The McAllisters go to D.C.!

That's just us speculating (and likely dreaming) however. How do you think Robert will be written off the show - and are you happy with the surprise move?

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I for one think he is making the best decision possible by leaving if that is indeed what happens, the ratings will go up there won't be an annoying person any more on tv driving me nuts and the majority of us that watch this retarded show because we have nothing better to do and don't have enough drama in our own lives so we need to pretend that we live the life these whores and dumb asses live on tv because honestly? We are pathetic ourselves to the extent that we don't deserve this show. You all just need to leave your ho ho's in the box on the counter start going for walks and getting exercise and you will be able to think clearly about this show after about 6 months and losing 300 pounds, and that is my point of view


It was a rubbish crash - even Casualty did it better 20 years ago!! What happened to all their ABS & airbags? Or even swerving onto the other (empty!) side of the road??


This show has "jumped the Shark".


Honestly to write him off all of sudden when they are in such a happy place he would have to die. Especially since they are saying that someone will die in the finale. It really only makes sense. I am super sad to see him go but seriously I think it is a bad move on Rob Lowe's part. I mean why leave a series that is doing well to try and get something else one tv when it is so hard for a new series to make it just because he doesn't get enough plot line or screen time or something. I think he gets just as much or more than the rest of them and he had to know that he would only get this much or less coming into the show.


I think it is very sad to see Rob Lowe leave the show, I think he brought a substance to the show and without him it will take a dive. Woman mainly watch this show, and we can relate to the woman, but the other members are now just getting their recognition because he has always been a sexy handsome guy. But I do agree he needs more time on the show I also liked him with Kevin and there disagreements with either the family or his politics.
I think they should try and work something out to keep him on, or they can do what Grey's Anatomy did with Private Practice and work both shows in,which would be interesting because then you could get 2 hours of them.


I would love to see a spinoff of Robert and Kitty in Washington DC. Always loved Rob in West Wing...they could even bring back some of the West Wing characters!


I hope Rob Lowe doesn't leave the show. All of the characters are intereseting and their chemistry is wonderful. Robert and Kitty are great and add a lot to the show. I love that Kevin works for Robert. It adds a nice twist to their relationship. There have been too many new people coming and going in the last several episodes, causing the show to lose it's continuity and making me feel like an outsider. It used to be that I knew the characters so well, I felt like part of the family. That feeling was missing from the last few shows. Keep the current cast and let us back in!


I kind of hope that Robert dies so that at least Kitty and him are in a good place upon his exit. On the other hand I kind of want them to leave it open so that Robert and Kitty can possibly be together again. I think that with the possibility of Alec coming back that Kitty will have an affair and Robert will find out about it and Robert and Kitty will get divorced. I will miss Rob/Robert on Brothers and Sisters


that is such sad news that Rob Lowe might leave B&S... hope he changes his mind and stays..

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