NCIS Producer Teases "Big Moment" in Show History

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Among the many topics NCIS fans are buzzing about in the second half of the current Season Seven is the potential romance for Gibbs that producers have promised.

Asked about that possibility recently, executive producer Shane Brennan cryptically teased that “There’s a scene coming up that will stir up a lot of conversation.”

“Mark [Harmon] is at his finest in that episode," he continues. "The audience is going to love it, but they’re also going to go, ‘Oh my God - what’s happening?!’”

As for whether the story involves Rena Sofer’s character, he says only that they "started laying the bread crumbs" and it will be "one of the big moments on NCIS.”

Gibbs, McGee and Tony

DiNozzo, Gibbs and McGee are all the subject of fan speculation.

On an unrelated note, Brennan said that on the Tony and Ziva front, this week's episode, "Jet Lag," should answer a lot, and viewers should "read between the lines."

Safe to say that we already did! The only question is where Tiva goes from here, and the impression we were left with Tuesday is that even they don't know that yet.

Which is probably just how it's supposed to be with this complicated couple.

Finally, regarding rumors that Abby and McGee might be reuniting, all Brennan would divulge is, “Something begins to happen [with them] later in the season.”

We can't wait to see what. Any theories on Gibbs, Tiva and/or McGee?

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Hey, if Gibbs needs a new romantic interest, how about Abigail Borin? Heaven knows they're alot alike.


I'm crossing my fingers for a McGee-Abby reunion, they are a perfect fit and are so cute together! As for Gibbs, I hope he's not paired with Hart, she's so smug and annoying. Gibbs is great as is, but if he's going to be with someone, at least make it someone with an ounce of heart. On Tiva: Like them as the bantering pair, but I'm not sure I want to see them together just yet. Eventually, maybe, but not now.


@ B No. If they do that Ill definitely turn off. All itll turn into is a focus on Tony's jealousy. Itll become a love triangle, and a dramatic one which isnt the reason I watch NCIS. Id prefer Tiva more to be honest.
As for the dramatic moment in the shows history - is it going to be bigger than when they killed off Jenny Shepard? When Ziva was left for dead in the middle of nowhere? I guess we'll have to wait and find out ;)
And yay! McAbby :D


I'd like to see Damon Worth and Ziva develop something. They've shown some chemistry.


Okay...I don't like Tiva,never have, but if they must...let's get it over with already....let them have sex, let one of them break the other's heart, let them heal and move on already. Love Dinozzo and Gibbs (as father/son type relationship. And would rather because it's more believable see Abby and McGee together than Tony and Ziva. Looking forward to seeing Gibbs with someone, too. I liked him with Hollis...thought the times the team had to work for both of them was pretty that's she's retired, it would have been cute to see how they all related to her.


I agree that it was intended to be murky. I am of the belief that nothing sexual happened yet... I think they just realized the spark was there and they actually got along! I love the way they are letting it slowly unravel. Best TV show ever!


Come on. It was just a lot of innuendo. That's the point. It's a hedge against both sides. The writers couldn't tip their hand yet, so they did the best job they could in satisfying both sides of the Tony/Ziva connection. Those for will say it points towards a real relationship. Those against will say it was all innocent. It's SUPPOSED to be murky.


It'd be a lot easier to "read between the lines" if Jet Lag hadn't been written in incoherent babble.

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