Ashley Rodriguez Will Win American Idol

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A female will win this season of American Idol. I'm calling it right now.

Will it be Crystal Bowersox, as my colleague Mr. Probst favor?

What about Didi Benami, who co-critic L.J. Gibbs stands behind?

Both are solid choices, but both (along with Lilly Scott and Janell Wheeler) are serene guitar players, obvious Taylor Swift clones, that will cancel each other out. Who will leave standing?

Ashley Rodriguez. This Boston native has the looks and talent to go all the way. She also possesses the experience, having actually sung at the Berklee Performance Center with artists such as Philip Bailey and Chaka Kahn.

Watch her Hollywood audition below and just try to make a case against Rodriguez:

[video url="" title="Ashley Rodriguez in Hollywood"] [/video]


lee is the greatest guitarist a.i has ever great singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeahhh. shes gona win. if she leaves then theres no point in watching the show anymore for the rest of this season


I actually think that she is one of the least unique singers in the top 24 and she will be one of the first to go. First of all, she isn't vocally that strong,and this performance was kind of awful.
Second I dont think that Didi, Lily, or crystal are even remotely close to taylor swift. First off Didi, is SO much better vocally then taylor swift. Lily, has a completely unique style that isn't a little bit similar to Taylor's and Crystal is more of a down south hardcord country type of girl, where taylor is country Pop. Lily is more Jazz(no country or pop), and didi just has incredible vocals.