Caprica Review: "Gravedancing"

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Who would have thought that the most interesting character on Caprica would be Tsattie, Joseph Adama's strict, grieving, cultural Tauron of a mother-in-law? Consider her words of wisdom from this week's episode "Gravedancing."

  • On Tauron, when you’re 13, you’re a man.
  • You get the best things from enemies, because they’re scared of you.
  • I could kill her with my own hands. Sleep well every night.

All fascinating looks into the Tauron world, a universe Joseph is proud enough to be a part of (he changed his name back from "Adams," after all), yet not tough enough to play a key role in. At least not according to Tsattie or Sam.

While we never truly believed Sam would kill Amanda, the scene in the car was played with perfect suspense, mystery and intrigue. When Sam got home and toyed with his brother over Amanda's fate, it was the latest example in this episode of one chararacter putting on an act for another.

Earlier, Daniel was coached to describe his daughter in a certain way; Baxter Sarno's entire job is an act; and, then of course, there's Zoe's avator inside the Cylon body. They all contributed to the theme of the series: real vs. fake, how the face we wear for the world can often be fabricated - and what this means about reality itself.

Talk Show Appearance

Other interesting notes from the episode:

  • Caprica has legalized drugs in order to cut down on crime. We like it.
  • The robot dance felt a little force as a way to depict Zoe as a fun-loving girl trapped inside this metallic covering, but the use of Zoe/Cylon perspectives continues to be cool.
  • What is going on with Agent Durham? We loved his response to Amanda's question about if he lost someone in the bombing ("I lost everyone"), but the show is doing a nice job slowly building mystery around this agent. He must have an agenda, right?
  • Tension, humor, arguing, make-up sex, watching late-night TV in bed. The Graystone marriage is a realistic relationship between two strong-minded, intelligent, layered individuals.

Below, we give this episode a grade and run down our favorite Caprica quotes from it:

Amanda: We're not company spokespeople. We're parents!
Daniel: Actually, no. We're not. | permalink
Tsattie: You get the best things from enemies, because they're scared of you. | permalink
Amanda: Did you lose someone on that train?
GDD Agent: I lost everyone on that train. | permalink
Tsattie: On Tauron, when you're 13, you're a man. | permalink


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