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On this week's episode of Caprica...

- Daniel started to blow his appearance on the Baxter Sarno show, until Amanda walked in and helped out. She explained that Zoe was not "troubled," but she may have been "angry." Daniel then went on to accept some responsibility for technology and announced something the audience appreciate: his company would no longer profit off the Holoband. All proceeds would go to a foundation that helps troubled teens.

- Elsewhere, after seeing this performance, Joseph panicked and changed his mind over having Sam kill Amanda. His mother-in-law saw Joe change his mind and is not happy about it, either. After a tense seen in a car in which viewers didn't know whether or not Sam would kill Amanda, we learn that he did not... but he's not pleased with his brother for changing his mind and jerking him around.

- Meanwhile, the GDD searched the Graystones' house, but didn't find anything revealing at all. They also didn't find anything at school. The reason why? Claire found out about the raid and texted the high school members of the STO with a warning about it.

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I am wondering if Sister Clarice (Considering I believe she'll end up in Milky-like water, for all eternity, rambling gibberish and completely awake and un-aware of her status, as in the not-so original series [2000's]) is trying to recruit Lacy Rand, as her right hand "solider" (as seen in the "opening sequence" of every episode, except the Pilot part 1 & 2), and with the little seductive touches (no frakking way are those even remotely even "sympathetic" and reassuring for a grieving "student") and they way she looks at Lacy, they way she tries to be all-too close to Lacy, (when have you ever been invited to a teacher's or an administrator's home(s)?) inviting Lacy to her home, and those "impatient with lust" looks she burns into Lacy's eyes and sometimes retreating back? I think Lacy can feel it, also. And how much of a possibility could it be that Lacy is going to be, either or both, the President or an awesome "solider" (either for the cylon's or the humans'?) and on the not-so original (2000's) series did we discover who was the Final and Fifth (of the Final Five) Cylon was?

Caprica Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Amanda: Did you lose someone on that train?
GDD Agent: I lost everyone on that train.

On Tauron, when you're 13, you're a man.