Desperate Housewives: Searching for the Next Edie

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Many Desperate Housewives fans still miss Nicollette Sheridan's Edie Britt.

But they won't need to for very much longer, executive producer Bob Daily sort of says.

In an interview with Zap2It this week, Daily says the show is searching for a new Edie-type character to stir things up on Wisteria Lane.

"We agree that [Edie] was a great person to have on The Lane," Daily said. "The sort of vixen troublemaker. That's a great person to have on a television show."

Edie Britt

The producer says this new vixen would debut this season and possibly recur next year, if all goes well. But she wouldn't be an Edie clone.

"I think Nicollette was so great as that sort of blonde bombshell," Daily said. "I think we'd probably not go in that direction again just because we've had that."

Drea de Matto debuted this season on the show and hasn't made a great impression on viewers. Let's hope the series learns from its mistakes with her.

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cherry never wanted to lose edie in the first place, nicolette asked to be released from her contract, a request he granted unwillingly
i do think it wasnt smart killing off karl, but since the show came back in january it has mantained strong storylines so im satisfyed.
"Let's hope the series learns from its mistakes with her"
what is that supposed to mean? drea is amazing on and off the show, she brings something new and interesting, she's the strongest character this series, they would be fools if they got rid of her at the end of this season


I LOVE Drea in DH! I wished she'd be added as a regular for more seasons but I don#t think that's going to happen now. So why did they get rid of Nicolette in the first place?!


So Marc Cherry has FINALLY realized what an idiot he was for getting rid of Nicollete and Edie. That show has REALLY gone down-hill since they killed off Edie. And then they go and kill of the only other fun, slutty character (Karl). How STUPID can these people be?!


wtf? De Matteo hasn't made an impression? please i think she is absolutely stunning and the only lady who's keeping the show juicy and alive! I think she's absolutely amazing!

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