Greek Renewed for a Fourth Season, The Deep End Canceled

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A pair of contrasting TV show notes this weekend:

  1. Greek has been renewed for a fourth, 10-episode season by ABC Family. It will air its third season finale of March 29.
  2. ABC has canceled The Deep End. It will air its final episode this Thursday.
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What the Hell is wrong with ABC...They canceled Eastwick and now the deep end...I will no longer watch any new shows on ABC because they keep canceling the good ones...Must have idiots running the place..keep up the good work need to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this show. Sometimes you don't want deep (forgive the pun) you just want light entertainment where things turn out right at the end. I looked forward to this on Thursday.


i just watched the last episode, and they cancelled just when it was getting good ! :( that's sad. hope another place picks it up !


That sucks, Rowdy was awesome! It reminded me of The Practice.


I'm not all that surprised; I'd been watching it just out of curiosity, but the show really just does not seem to be getting off the ground. The dialogue is not nearly as well-written as Grey's or PP, and the characters don't seem strong enough...talented actors, all, but it's just...not right, somehow. I just don't feel connected to any of the characters on the show, maybe that's it.


Billy Zane and Nicole Ari Parker have a great storyline..she's amazing.


I love The Deep End, i have it on DVR. How are ABC cancel a good show and i was looking forward for my Thursdays.The time was perfect, The Deep End, Grey's and Private Practices, like come on now. Well hopefully some other network will pick it up.


that's sucks ! i liked the deep end.. despite the slow (not to mention flat) character development . i guess it's got to happen ! :(

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