Grey's Anatomy Review: "Valentine's Day Massacre"

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Valentine's Day can be a traumatic for many of us, but Grey's Anatomy upped the ante big time last night, with a roof collapse and on a more personal level for many doctors.

Still, the possibility of reinvention carried the day. Click here for our official recap (plus quotes and music) from last night. Below is our review of "Valentine's Day Massacre" ...

DEEP IMPACT: When a restaurant's roof caves in, the casualties are many, and the effect they have on our characters wide-ranging. An injured waiter quickly slips Alex $50.

Why? To be in a room next to a woman he has served, and been in love with, for 15 years. He confesses he thinks she's in an unhappy marriage as he's loved her from afar.

She's awake and she's heard everything he said.

Alex and Meredith take bets on what will happen, while gossiping with Cristina about marriage while eating chocolates Alex took from a guy in a coma. Pretty funny scene.

The Head of Trauma

Your typical holiday catastrophe at Seattle Grace-Mercy West.

The mood sours when the wife has complications, but ultimately recovers, as does her husband, while the waiter goes to surgery and doesn't make it. She's heartbroken.

The woman explains to Meredith that when she chose her husband, she made a choice, as continues to every single day. This gets Mer thinking about her own wife status.

Meanwhile, a dishwasher's arm was cut off. Lexie, a.k.a. "Trauma Room Barbie," gets a pep talk from Avery of all people. Act more assertive, don't just dye your hair blonde!

Jackson opens up to her about the burden of being pretty (which he is, right ladies?) and how as a result of being good-looking, his family never expected anything from him.

Lexie takes his advice to heart and encourages Mark and Owen to reattaching the guy's arm ... to his torso. Seriously. This will keep it viable while they repair the wound site.

Newly assertive Lexie calms the understandably panicked patient down, then sleeps with Alex again. Wow. You certainly can't accuse her of being mousy and complacent now.

Drs. Robbins and Bailey

Arizona not-so-subtly encourages Bailey to take the plunge.

BAILEY'S LOVE LIFE: Callie and Arizona are atwitter over Valentine's Day and their gifts for one another, and even more excited when Bailey gets flustered by the gas man.

He asks her out to dinner. She awkwardly squirms out of it. Arizona dives headlong into overt hinting about them dating during surgery. Gotta love AZ playing matchmaker.

Finally Bailey confesses to him that she acts stupid around him because she likes him. She would also accept a dinner date. Warm and fuzzy, she's not. Awesome, she is!

SLOAN SQUARED: Sloan is back and Mark Sloan is excited about being a granddad. But all his daughter wants is a clean bill of health so she can go forward with adoption.

Callie forces her to at least tell Mark, but he offers to adopt the baby. Sloan agrees to at least discuss the idea, but later, Callie catches her sneaking out of Mark's apartment.

She admits she wanted money and a place to stay and didn't expect Mark to start caring. Callie lets her go and breaks the news to Mark. Sad, but she's such a good friend.

UN-RING THE BELL: Teddy's trying her hardest to do just that and be friends with Owen again, but he won't even look at her because he feels like he's cheating on Cristina.

What breaks her heart is that he's her best friend and she misses him, though, and she wants them to go back to how they were, even if they both "chose" Cristina in a way.

Teddy matter-of-factly tells Owen she's going to be his friend and Yang's mentor at the same time. Awkward as this is, there are so many relationships like it, and it's compelling.

MRS. SHEPHERD: Derek's learning that being chief is a lot more than being in the OR. Meredith is also learning that being the chief's wife is a role she's not used to herself.

Derek rehired April (Sarah Drew), but instead of doing surgery she's focused on helping with administrative duties. Like calling Mer "Mrs. Derek Shepherd," which she hates.

Turns out April has doubts that she's cut out for surgery, but Derek gives her a great pep talk. It's good to see that even with his new title, he's still the same McDreamy.

Meredith mans up and makes an appearance at a big fundraising breakfast with her post-it hubby. There, she's appalled by the placard announcing "Dr. and Mrs. Shepherd."

We loved her response, though. Sure, this eats away at her inside. But instead of going all dark and twisty, she just tells Derek he better make this up to her. In the bedroom.

His response: "Yes, dear." Swoon.

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?


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BTW I agree with Cris and Mer Valentine's day sucks. Is not even a holiday people have to work that day.


Loved MerDer to no end, Meredith learned something on last night episode and that is what is important. Alex and Lexie need to stop doing it, it makes them look cheap. Teddy, Owen and Christina triangle finally that is over, it was getting on my nerves. Bailey and Gas man I don't even know his name hot to no end. Don't feel bad for Mark, what did he expect he abandoned Sloan before she was even born. Unforgivable in my book, he just getting what he deserve. Arizona made me laughed so hard last night, try to hook Bailey up with Gas man awesome.


Oh, and I really loved that Mer and Alex had great screen time together. Love their friendship=].


I didn't mind Alex and Lexie sleeping together. Alex is seperated and Lex is single and they didn't want to be alone on Valentine's day so they turned to each other. But like some of others.. I can't wait to see Jackson and Lexie together. They would be hot together! I loved Mark and Lexie together but, Lexie is too young for the things he want and she needs someone close to her age and experience life a little more! MerDer.. they were incredible last night. I am proud that they are my main ship:D. Love the eye sex in the car, love that Mer chose Derek over surgery.. so cute:).
Best line ever "You're gonna have to make this up to me with a lot of sex" Derek smiles "Yes dear"! Love them!
I have a feeling Derek is not going to be Chief for a long time.. he is already missing the O.R. He is a surgeon first! Mark and Callie were amazing. I love their friendship and sometimes I just wished they are together. They look like a real couple! I felt so sorry for Mark at the end! Bailey and Gas man.. LOL at Bailey rambling.. someone is making the Nazi nervous=]. I am glad she admitted that to him and that she likes him!


I don't mind if Lexie sleeps with Alex, they just want to have some fun, but I can't wait to see her and Jackson together, which I hope will happen soon. I loved their scenes together, especially when Jackson pushed her to talk about saving the black guy's arm. And for Alex, I think it wasn't really cheating this time, because she broke up with Izzie. Yes, they're still married, but they're separated and Alex is ready to move on. It was a good episode. I loved Arizona in the OR with Bailey and the Gas Man, she's adorable. And Mer, a.k.a "Mrs.Shepherd" was so funny! (sorry for my english)


Yeah, didn't like Lexie sleeping with Alex again. Though, two lonely people...on Valentine's Day. It's recycling. It's good for the environment, come on now. But seriously, Lexie, why? You know I've heard rumblings of Jackson maybe hooking up with someone from Seattle Grace, so I see where Shonda and company may be trying to go with it, and I really don't like it...but I see them trying here. But ultimately, I see Jackson and Lexie as friends. Like how Alex/Meredith are or even Callie/Mark. I don't see potential for more than just friends, and that's me being unbias...but I'm sure they will try to go there, as much as I dislike it. Let's hope I'm wrong though, because I really need Mark and Lexie back on track.


The last couple of minutes with Derek and Meredith were such a high! I can't believe how much I missed them! When Derek's eyes absolutely lit up when Meredith walked in? And no one has made "yes, dear" quite so sexily. Meredith really learned that marriage isn't all love and happiness all the time - it's also about commitment and work, and she made the right call. And that final shot where Derek looks back in the mirror. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
Sexy, thy name is MerDer.


I laughed so hard when at the end Mer said "you're gonna have to make this up to me with a lot of sex" and Derek smiles and goes "yes dear" I have not laughed that hard in so long. I love them.


I fell in love with McDreamy all over again in this episode. He is just amazing. I love scenes with Alex and Mer. They have always had great chemistry. I have to admit I had a feeling Sloan would leave. I could not see her leaving her baby with Mark and Callie. But, when he came home and Callie was taking a part the crib.....I felt sad. I love the chemistry between him and callie. I am glad they are BF's!!


it's an OK episode. MerDer- LOVE them! sssooo much! the other half of the twisted sisters is being all supportive and being cranky at the same time.
MRS SHEPPPHHEERRD? -haha. LMAO. I find ellen so lovely. And the car scene on their way back to the hospital just made me grin like an idiot... more sexy time for merder.Aww! I love patrick's eyes too when she was checking on meredith. -giggles- CalZona- The chemistry is just undeniable. You can never create a chemistry between two actors,..two female straight actors i should say. It's either there or not. And with these two, they seemed to compliment each other. Though I was looking for more Calzona time still,we get to see them with those adorable necklaces. I just wished they let us see the actual exchange of those gifts.-sigh- OwIna- Thank God there weren't any face-eating scenes. Please enough with the groping. Dont get me wrong.I love both of them seperately.I love sandra oh. Ive alway believed that she's one of the most underrated actresses in hollywood. And I think Kevin Mckidd is just one of the hottest guy on planet. But please enough is enough. Alex/Lexie/Jackson- Not not cool. Lexie should better get back with Mark. Bailey/gasman- rambling nazi? oh that's new....LOLOLOLOLOL Mark,teddy the derek's assistant- i feel bad for them...really. 3 out of 5 stars

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